Movie nights in Fortnite, Christopher Nolan movies to enjoy with your friends

The world of video games is constantly updated, it is so vast that it is now very easy to find games of any literal type, any plot, the limit apparently no longer exists.

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For its part, the number of streaming platforms that exist is increasing, as well as something new appears in this field every day.

Now, in this case, both worlds decided to unite with the best that each of them has to offer, because "those of Epic" had a great idea, which has never been seen in another video game, we agree that Fortnite is full of surprises and new events that have us all glued to the screen for a good time.

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Such have been the cases of virtual concerts within the games, first represented by the avatars that exist in the game and on the last occasion as a live broadcast of renowned international DJs.

Now, we know that soon we will be able to see full movies directly inside Fortnite, all of these, directed by Christopher Nolan, that's right, you read that right, Epic Games has announced that its successful game will carry out a true "Inception" of screens, broadcasting three movies Nolan at a mega event this week, including Batman Begins.

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The event is called "Movie Night at the Party Royale," as Fortnite officials have christened it, we also know that it is not the first time that Nolan and the studios behind his films have collaborated with Epic Games.

Let's remember that a couple of months ago they presented a trailer for Tenet, their new movie, directly in-game, because this time they decided to go further, so players will be able to see one of these three in-game movies: "Batman Begins ”,“ Inception ”and“ The Prestige ”.

All this information was confirmed through the official Fortnite Twitter account, news that caused a real impact and has all its players waiting for the stipulated date to be able to see a movie within the Battle Royale.

The long-awaited event will take place next Friday, June 26, and the time and movie you will be able to see will vary depending on the country you are in. For example, in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and the United States you can see Inception, while in Chile you can see Batman Begins and in Germany you can see The Prestige.

In the case of Spain, they have not yet announced availability. You can check the broadcast time and the movie that will be available in your country from the official page of the game, likewise, they also offered us a map, to help us know where exactly the film will be shown on the island.

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