Berlin, ANI. Speaking on the issue of nationalism, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said that it is not a question that the world is more nationalist, America, China and various countries of the world are more nationalist. Actually, Jaishankar is present in Germany to attend the Munich Security Conference. He said this while talking to the media during an event here. For information, let us know that the Munich Security Conference will run from 14 to 16 February.

Positive vocal nationalism

Much of this nationalism is legally valid. There are countries where it is a positive vocal nationalism, in some cases it is more unsafe nationalism. The fact is that a more nationalist world is clearly a less multilateral world.

The United Nations is far less reliable than it has ever been in history, which is not surprising because when you think about it, there are not a lot of things that are 75 years old and still as good as they were .

Death of 280 Coronans infected, including 26 doctors and nine nurses in Indonesia "src ="

Indonesia kills 280 coronarians, including 26 doctors and nine nurses

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America gives a befitting reply

At the ongoing Munich Security Conference in Germany, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar while giving an agreement to the US said that after US Senator Lindsay Graham expressed concern over the situation in Kashmir, Jaishankar said do not worry. A democracy (India) will protect it and you know which country it is. In fact, before this, Graham had said that after returning from Kashmir, he could not understand when the lockdown going on would end.

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South Korea's Epidemic Center Daegu Not New Case, New Cases Record Record Fall "src ="

New case at South Korea's epidemic center Daegu, no new records recorded

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Significantly, before US President Donald Trump's visit to India, four US senators demanded a report on religious freedom in India and human rights conditions in Kashmir.

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