My Girlfriend Is A Shobitch Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Japanese anime series My Girlfriend Is a Sho-bitch was created by Hideki Shirane and directed by Nobuyoshi Nagayama.

The 12th of October 2017 saw its debut. An English romantic comedy, the series. Reviews of the series were conflicting.

Because they thought the majority of the sexual jokes were unfunny, several viewers criticized a series for using too many of them.

On the other hand, several viewers enjoyed the series and thought its characters to be hilarious and engaging. A description of the anime series’ conclusion is provided below:

Japanese manga My Girlfriend is a Shobitch Season 2 is called Boku no kanojo ha Majime Sugiru Shojo Bitch na Ken.

Namiru Natsumoto wrote and created the illustrations. Diomedéa and Studio Blanc have created the anime television series My Girlfriend is a Shobitch. The program debuted in October 2017.

The show is based on a variety of genres, including slice-of-life, romantic comedy, and animation.

Hideki Shirane wrote the anime television series, Nobuyoshi Nagayama directed it, and Jun’ichir Tamura & Takashi Tachizaki were in charge of its production.

My Girlfriend Is A Shobitch Season 2 Release Date:

For the material presented in the series, the anime garnered an equal amount of affection as well as resentment.

The series’ overt and embarrassing sexual humor offended a certain group of viewers. However, a sizable portion of the public like romantic comedies, therefore they backed the show’s premise.

An OVA episode was released as well later after the final episode’s release. The last episode of the program was released almost three years ago.

The sequel to the beloved series is thus keenly anticipated by its followers. But the delay has left them feeling quite let down.

The second season of My Girlfriend is a Sho-bitch has not yet been released. Regarding the start of a new season, we haven’t yet heard anything.

Whether the program will be canceled or renewed is yet unknown. The creators of the program are very mum about it along with are keeping quiet.

My Girlfriend Is A Shobitch Season 2 Trailer Release:

The official My Girlfriend Is A Shobitch second season trailer video is not yet available. The trailer for the previous season is provided below.

My Girlfriend Is A Shobitch Season 2 Cast:

We may anticipate seeing the same characters as well as some new supporting roles if the series is revived. Character voiced by Aoi Yuuki.

  • Aoi Yuuki as Kousaka Akiho,
  • Haruka Shinozaki is voiced by Mitsuhiro Ichiki.
  • Shizuku Ariyama is voiced by Larissa Takeda Tago.
  • Seiya Hoshikawa, a supporting character, is voiced by Arthur Lounsbery.
  • Natsumi Yamada, Rina Saijou, Fuyumi Kousaka,
  • Speaking as Kanata Shinozaki is Yuki Yagi.
  • Sayo Shizumori is voiced by Miki Hase.

My Girlfriend Is A Shobitch Season 2 Storyline:

Since the first season included the first six volumes, if the series is chosen for season 2, it will undoubtedly continue the tale beyond those volumes.

We may see the transformation from volume 7 to 8. The first season opens with Haruka Shinozaki experiencing bizarre nightmares about Akiho Kousaka, the class representative and longtime crush, who is also the class representative.

He is totally out of his league since Akiho Kousaka is practically flawless in everything she does. She is admirable to everyone, has excellent looks, succeeds in sports, and has outstanding grades.

Haruka Shinozaki discovers that he is madly in love with Akiho Kousaka after he is placed in the exact same class as her.

Finally, he makes the decision to approach her and ask her to be his girlfriend. Akiho Kousaka agreed to his proposal and promised to treat him well since this would be her first time dating.

He discovers that his girlfriend is a little odd when they begin dating. He is caught off guard when she asks strange questions.

Haruka Shinozaki, a typical high school student, is the focus of the television series. Since his freshman year of high school, he has been drawn to the attractive and obedient class representative, Akiho Kousaka.

He expresses his emotions for her one day when he has nothing to lose. He was shocked when she said yes to his proposal. Akiko is serious about dating.

The protagonist of the story is Haruka, a high school student. Since his freshman year of high school, he had a crush on Akiho Kousaka, the class representative.

She appeals to him because of her abilities, character, and looks. She unexpectedly accepts his confession of love when he makes it.

Since Akiho has never been in a romantic relationship, she exclusively makes sexual suggestions.

She makes every effort to win Haruka over, but he prefers to maintain an ongoing connection that is not simply built on sexual activity. All of their dates were uncomfortable because of this.

The remaining episodes of the series demonstrated how the couple developed their flawed union.

Beginning with Akiho being late for their date, Haruka is waiting for her in the previous episode.

They start their date after Akiho offers her apology for being late. They like feeding each other, going shopping, watching movies, and enjoying the sunset together.

Akiho moves in for a kiss as they witness the sun go down together, and Haruka screams. He finally understands that everything was only a dream.

When school is out on another day, Akiho discovers Haruka dozing off in an empty class. While trying to wake him awake, she finds herself instead admiring his facial characteristics. She poses as being sleeping as he awakens.

Haruka strokes her head, believing she is dozing off, but discovers that she has been awake at all times.

They ultimately depart together. She said that it was fair because only he got to stroke her head instead of her when Haruka questioned if she did not enjoy it when he patted her head. As she leans in, Haruka anticipates kissing him but instead pats his head.

The school leaves to sketch outside. In the end, the pair creates a landscape together. But since Haruka couldn’t draw well, Akiho ended up serving as the inspiration for Haruka’s artwork.

He is reminded of their times together since they first met as he draws while gazing at her. He finally admits to her how much he really loves her.

His quick revelation surprises Akiho. Haruka offers her an apology and reassures her that she doesn’t need to respond right away.

She receives a thank you from him as well. In the end, Akiho responds. Akiho sulks when she sees Haruka’s picture of him in the last episode of the series.

Where To Watch My Girlfriend Is A Shobitch Season 2?

I’m Dating a Shobitch. Season 2 hasn’t yet been made available. Regarding its extension or termination, there is no news.

Season 2 is keenly anticipated by viewers.Fans of Season 1 gave it a lot of affection in addition to some harsh criticism.

In 2017, Season 1 was made available. Season 1 had 10 episodes. Play Pilot, Hidive, and Amazon Prime Video all provide streaming access to all of season 1’s episodes.

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