My Landlady Noona Chapter 128 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

My Landlady Noona Chapter 128 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

The next chapter in My Landlady Noona is Chapter 128. There’s a lot of enthusiasm about it. It makes people eager to see how the story ends. This well-known Manhwa book has left its mark.

As a new part of the long-running cartoon Manhwa comes out, the story is sure to get more interesting. We’re here to talk regarding the new part that came out. People who read it want to know more about other topics.

Chapter 122 of My Landlady is the newest part of the story. Noona tells an interesting story with a love meal that makes the main character’s relationship with the landlady stronger.

As their friendship grows, the landlady suggests a trip for the two of them out of the blue, which adds a thrilling element. However, the cozy mood takes a sudden turn for the worse when the landlord gets a disturbing phone call from a friend.

It’s now obvious that her ex-husband has been following her, which adds a shocking new layer to the story and makes her feel scared and unsure.

My Landlady Noona Chapter 128 Release Date:

The manga series My Landlady Noona has confirmed that Chapter 128 will be released on January 30, 2024. Due to the fact that new parts will be released every month, we will learn about all of the next ones in January.

My Landlady Noona Chapter 128 Trailer Release:

It is true that you can watch a clip for My Landlady Noona, Volume 128.

My Landlady Noona Chapter 128 Storyline:

Yoohee and Minwoo were having a great time when we last saw them. The most current parts are really great work from the artist. Every page of Yoohee is beautiful. These private times were great.

A group of Yoohee’s friends had gathered nearby to watch her and her friend. Yoohee and Minhwoo, on the other hand, don’t care at all. Things between them got a little tense this time. The scene changes, and Minwoo is now in a hallway as he does it.

He needed more sleep, so Yoohee rushed over and gave him a hug. She even says she doesn’t want them to leave work because he won’t be seeing her. She says she will always be by his side because she loves him so much.

Minwhoo finally fell asleep, and when he woke up, he was by himself. Things were going well in his life again, but he didn’t understand why Yoohee ceased speaking to him.

Yoohee is shown in a happy pose as she holds a pregnancy kit and looks at it at the end of the chapter. This has made everyone wonder if she is really pregnant or not.

In Volume 121, the main character and the landlady went on a sweet date to a restaurant. They became close because they both had big plans for the future.

Their quiet moment was cut short, though, when the landlady’s friend called to tell her that her long-thought-dead ex-husband is still alive and well and has been following her. The landlord is scared and panicked, so she looks for the primary protagonist everywhere but finds her ex-husband awaiting her.

The City of Dragons, which is also called Divide, got ready to fight the Allies. Divide won in part because of a secret weapon that His Majesty, Clora Ars F. Baldershu, made. The Western Realm Association’s bad behavior had been talked about in the local media in the separation area.

They also talked about how bad the Hebrion Domain is. Brepon, who was in charge of the Janissaries, watched the pilots. He was also the first person to lead the Flying Winged Serpent Division. I come from Pittsburgh, which is also known as the “City of Mythical Beasts.”

The Hebrion Domain’s bad behavior got a lot of attention from the local media. They also brought attention to the lies that the Western Realm Association told.

The Imperial Family of Gap didn’t want to tell their family the truth. They agreed with them that the rival they were calling out was not real. Putting on the mask of Clora Ars F on the Pierrot Cover.

Baldershu walked into the order room. The mirror that holds shadows was given to her. The Pariahs can hide in the dark with the help of the S-Level item. Partition knew everything that was going on in the land. To be as good as the partners, they had to change how they did things.

In fact, the main character had been through some tough times. During the breakup, he was forced to stay with his folks. During that time, the landlord’s daughter took care of him and helped him.

The main character doesn’t seem to agree, but she is making herself look bad by spending money on his friends. He would spend most of his time by himself. For some reason, he never thanked his Noona because she was annoying to him, even though she was very helpful to him as a child.

Minwoo plans to move out of the neighborhood when he grows up. Even though there are a ridiculous number of activities to do in town, the narrative has only just begun.

Hari, who is beautiful and kind, takes good care of Min-woo, a young woman who lives in her house. In fact, Min-woo calls Hari “auntie” instead of her older sister.

Where To Watch My Landlady Noona Chapter 128?

My Landlady Noona does not yet have English subtitles on any public sites. Check it out there. If you’re an English fan, you could be forced to wait for a good place to translate it. You can move on to Tonged, which hasn’t caught up to the first one yet.

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