‘My parents never knew I’m gay’

Ian McKellen he never had the opportunity to deepen the relationship with his parents: the star of The Lord of the Rings has in fact lost his mother when he was only 12 years old and his father 10 years later, at the age of 22. An unfortunate family history that prevented the actor even from revealing his homosexuality to them.

Talking about it was Ian McKellen himself, who in the course of an interview recalled how it was practically impossible to investigate such delicate speeches when he was little more than a little boy: the Gandalf of the Peter Jackson trilogy, however, has fond memories of both of his parents.

I had the relationship with them that you can have when your mother dies when you are 12 years old and your father when you are 22. I never told them I was gay, for example. They have never seen me do some of my best work. But I have one of them absolutely positive memory“were the words of the X-Men star.

My relationship with relatives, friends and people in general has improved a lot since I no longer have to hide“McKellen added, speaking of his coming out. In recent months, remember, Ian McKellen wanted to encourage Elliot Page after the actor came out.

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