Kawanghaka, AFP. There is a huge consignment of heroin and methamphetamine in the remote border area of ​​Myanmar. The Myanmar army has captured a large cache of drugs in a raid in the middle of Golden Trangal, the most maligned place in South Asia. This week is the largest seizure ever in the region considered to be the largest drug production center in the world. During this period, 40 million tablets of methamphetamine have been recovered.

Outside the siege of the law, the mass supply of intoxicants continues by rebel groups and secretive organized crime networks from the forest area. The people who make this work are making billions of dollars every year.

Factories producing millions of yaba pills and caffeine-cut meth tablets were found during military operations around Kutkai area of ​​Myanmar's Shan province. The police is not able to reach the place from where it has been found. There is pressure on Myanmar to destroy the unbridled business of intoxicants from its border region.

Coronavirus: Thailand government imposes curfew in entire country "src =" https://www.1.com/images/newimg/02042020/02_04_2020-thailand_20158944_s.jpg

Coronavirus: Thailand government imposes curfew in entire country

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Where is the golden traangle

The Golden Trangle is a stretch of inaccessible land on the border of Myanmar, Laos, China and Thailand, and is found in all of these countries. Myanmar's Shan Province is part of this Golden Trangle. Despite the rampant production, officials have failed to rein in here.

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Demand for fencing on Indo-Myanmar border

An NGO in Mizoram has demanded a ban on the Indo-Myanmar border. The NGO has claimed that large consignments of drugs have been smuggled from Myanmar to Mizoram in the last 15 days. NGO President Preetosh Chakma has said that large quantities of smuggled narcotics from the neighboring country have been seized and 134 smugglers have been arrested.

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