Houston, Pret. In ancient times humans used weapons made of stones as well as tools made with the help of sea shells. In a new study, researchers have made this claim based on an analysis of oysters found on the habitats of Neanderthals (a species of ancient humans). It states that Neanderthal not only used oysters on the seashore to prepare these weapons, but also dived into the foothills of the oceans.

Researchers at the University of Colorado at the US assessed more than 170 oyster devices found in the Italian cave. Based on the friction of these oysters, the scientists clearly noticed a difference in the oyster collected by the Neanderthals from the seaside and underwater. After studying these devices closely they found that about three-quarters of the oysters were opaque. Also, some were protruding on the outside, as if polished over the sand for years. It states that they were washed on a sandy beach.

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The study reported that the remaining oysters were shiny and perfectly smooth from the outside. According to scientists, it is possible that these oysters were brought as live animals directly from the sea surface. Researcher at the University of Colorado and co-author of the study, Paola Villa, stated, "It is possible that Neanderthals were able to collect seeps from two to four meters below sea level." Of course they did not have scuba equipment. '

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90 thousand year old tools

A study published in PLOS Journal states that a cave named Grotta de Moscarini, located on the west coast of Italy, was discovered in the late 1930s. Archaeologists discovered dozens of sea shells at this place in 1949. Later research showed that the cave was inhabited by Neanderthals and they developed many oysters as thin-cutting weapons, which are about 90 thousand years old.

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Close connection to the sea

The study reported that 23.9 percent of the specimens from Mascarini were collected directly from Neanderthal as living animals from the sea surface. Villa says that this species of humans had closer connection to the sea than scientists believe. The conclusion of the current study reinforces the claim that some Neanderthal athletes will also be swimmers, which is why they used to get into the water without any equipment.

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