Netflix: all the cinematic news for May 2021

A mouth-watering month for those who love genre productions e the most spectacular cinema, the one that awaits us on Netflix. In fact, in May 2021, three highly anticipated films will be released, as you can immediately see in our top 3.
The most thunderous is certainly Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, which returns to the zombie-movie genre after seventeen years after its debut with the remake of Dawn of the Living Dead (2004). The other two titles are in any case noteworthy: science fiction lovers will be able to experience themed emotions in the new work of Alexandre Aja, that is Oxygène starring Melanie Laurent, while those of the thriller / mystery will breathe high tension in the adaptation of The woman at the window, which stars Amy Adams in the main role.
Among the other interesting original releases we point out The Divine Codino, a biographical operation on the life and career of the legendary champion Roberto Baggio, the tense racially motivated drama Monster and Korean sci-fi Super Me.

Oxygène – May 11

In the near future, where space travel is now the norm, the young woman Elizabeth Hansen awakens inside a cryogenic capsule. The woman has no recollection of why she is there and as she tries to find answers to her questions the situation worsens, with oxygen that is about to run out. To try to survive Elizabeth will have to dig into her own memory to find a possible escape route.

Originally it was supposed to be Anne Hathaway, replaced first by Noomi Rapace and finally by Melanie Laurent, actual protagonist of the new science fiction film ofbeloved French director Alexandre Aja. A story that promises a considerable dose of tension and mystery, like another title recently arrived on the platform as Stranger on board (2021).

The woman at the window – May 14

Psychologist Anna Fox, who suffers from agoraphobia, has long been a recluse in her New York home. The woman communicates e it interacts with the outside world only via the internet. One day like any other the protagonist witnesses a heinous crime from the window of her apartment while spying on the neighbors and from that moment his life changes drastically, forcing her to face her fears in order to survive.

An incipit that looks at a great classic of cinema such as Alfred Hitchcock’s The Window on the Courtyard (1954) for thisdirected adaptation by Joe Wright of the novel written in 2018 by AJ Finn. A thriller with a high dose of suspense that stars an extraordinary actress like Amy Adams, grappling with one of the most complex roles of her career, in a luxury cast that also includes Gary Oldman, Anthony Mackie, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Julianne Moore.

Army of the dead – 21 maggio

Set in a Las Vegas that has fallen into disrepair due to an epidemic of zombies, which today inhabit a ghost town abandoned to itself and separated from the rest of the world by a huge wall, the film follows a group mercenaries who accepts the insane mission to venture into the quarantine zone to score a robbery in a casino, the biggest shot ever attempted.

After the hype and the case of his version of Justice League that has sent many fans of the DC Comics cinematic universe into raptures, Zack Snyder is ready to give tons of action and hemoglobin in this zombie-movie, among the most anticipated titles of the season coming to Netflix. A film that seems to look at the b-movie universe with a series A budget, which can already be seen from the thick of it cast that includes among the many Dave Bautista, Hiroyuki Sanada and Tig Notaro. And the undead tiger has already driven the web crazy.

Output overview

Happy Feet: Animated classic starring a cute penguin.
Assassins: Richard Donner directs a tough action-movie starring Sylvester Stallone and Antonio Banderas.
The touch of evil: Supernatural thriller starring Denzel Washington.
Bet with death: Clint Eastwood returns as Harry Callaghan in the latest film of the saga.

Pacific Rim: The Uprising: 10 years after the breach was closed, the world has lost its best Jaegers and its greatest heroes, but the Kaiju threat is always unpredictable.

And tomorrow the whole world: A law student joins an anti-fascist group and finds herself embroiled in dangerous situations that push her more and more to violence.

MAY 7th
Monster: A talented teenager implicated in a robbery that ended in murder defends his innocence and integrity against a criminal system that already considers him guilty.
Milestone: After 500,000km on the road, a recently grieving truck driver risks having his essential job stolen by a new apprentice.

18 gifts: A seriously ill mother prepares eighteen birthday presents for her daughter who is about to be born.
The guest: Italian dramatic comedy directed by Duccio Chiarini.
Super Me: A struggling screenwriter discovers he has the lucrative ability to materialize the treasures he dreams of, but his new life will soon be turned upside down.

MAY 9th
Attenti al gorilla: Comedy directed by Luca Miniero starring Frank Matano as the main protagonist.

MAY 10
I proscritti: Feature film that includes a film shot by legendary Swedish actor and director Victor Sjöström, coupled with a documentary about him.
It’s Never Too Late: Fresh from a recent separation, the protagonist returns to live with her mother and reflects on her past relationships.
The Last Adventure: A young teacher starts a compromising relationship with a student.

Gemini Man: Ang Lee signs a muscular sci-fi blockbuster with a 90s flavor, a harbinger of great technological innovation.

MAY 12
The dance of the 41: A gay congressman marries the Mexican president’s daughter but has a blast with a guy in a secret club, and it’s immediately scandalous. Based on a true story.

MAY 14
Ferry: Before building a drug empire, Ferry Bouman returns to his hometown for a revenge that shatters his loyalty and finds a love that changes everything.
I Am all girls: A relentless detective establishes a bond with a killer who systematically targets those responsible for a powerful child trafficking.
The creepy house: A family moves from a metropolis to a remote country and the two brothers try to solve the threatening mystery that threatens their home with their new friends.

MAY 15
Crazy & Rich: American comedy with Asian stars of great success in the United States.

MAY 16
Boyhood: Richard Linklater and his masterful project in the making, materialized in an extraordinary film.
Rise of the legend – The birth of the legend: Chinese folk hero Wong Fei-Hung is at the center of a martial arts film that convinces from the action side but pays for an inconsistent narrative.
Highlander: The great classic starring Christopher Lambert.

MAY 19th
Last days: War documentary produced by Steven Spielberg.

MAY 26
Il Divin Codino: A chronicle of football star Roberto Baggio’s 22-year career that includes his difficult debut as a player and differences with some of the coaches.

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