Netflix expresses its support through Twitter for what happened in the United States

This weekend in particular, the North American country has made international news after the unpleasant events that occurred in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where a police officer deprived an African American citizen, George Floyd, of his life after arresting him face down for having been discovered using a counterfeit $ 20 bill at a grocery store.

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Quickly the video showing the police brutality and abuse of power of agent Derek Chauvin, where he appears pressing his knee on Floyd's neck, while he indicated that he could not breathe so please stop doing that.

"I can't breathe," Floyd repeatedly said, pleading with his mother and begging "please, please, please," were the words Floyd was issuing, however, the officer ignored the requests and ended up depriving the life to the citizen, who according to reports, was a regular customer of this store.

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Of course, the officer was deprived of his freedom, being arrested for h0m1c1d10 in the third degree, but this does not stop here, since there are countless comments and publications on social networks indicating that people are already tired of these situations.

As many artists and celebrities in the country have published, they are fed up and really cannot believe that even in these times racism is still present. As well as large companies, in this case, the most successful streaming platform around the world.

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Netflix recently released a statement via Twitter, which has also been shared on the different Instagram accounts of all the original productions in the film production industry.

“To be silent is to be an accomplice. Black lives matter. We have a platform, and we have the duty of our black members, employees, creators and talent to speak, ”was the message that the important company launched.

Which quickly caused thousands of comments in favor, supporting the message, as well as with the many others who have shared their opinion defending the idea that racism must end now.

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