Netflix has listened to your controversy, so there are two sequels!

As we well know, even the controversies, indeed above all that, contribute to increasing popularity: and, given that 365 days, the Polish erotic film made by Netflix, has become one of the most clicked titles on the platform since its release, here it is. two sequels!

Original cast members Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka they will resume their main roles, and the return of Magdalena Lamparska is also expected. Model and actor Simone Susinna joins the cast as a new character, Nacho, while Barbara Białowąs and Tomasz Mandes will return to direct. The plot of the first sequel will see Laura and Massimo find each other again, but their new relationship is complicated by his family ties and by a mysterious man who enters her life to conquer her.

The first film generated heated controversy and online discussions, with even a petition of around 95,000 signatures to have it removed from Netflix. On the other hand, however, the real petition arrived directly on Netflix, as viewers made splashes of views. the popularity of the film, able to enter Netflix’s Top 10 in over 90 countries (and it was the fourth most searched movie on Google globally in 2020, according to the streamer).

The announcement of these two sequels also hints at the platform’s approach based on view data: in essence, Netflix tracks what their subscribers watch the most and responds accordingly with their production choices. The key difference this time is that, as opposed to the first 365 days, made by a third studio and bought by Netflix, the two sequels will be produced by the same streamer, so it is reasonable to expect a more cautious approach than the controversial original film.

Filming for the sequel will begin this month in Poland and will also pass through Italy: the release is scheduled for 2022. The titles chosen are ‘This Day’ for Part 2 and ‘Next 365 Days’ for Part III.

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