Netflix tricks that you should know to get the most out of it


If you are a fan of the content of the streaming platform Netflix And you love spending hours and hours enjoying the movies and series in its catalog, without a doubt you must know these tricks that will help you get the most out of it.

This time we will show you the hidden options and some Netflix tricks so that you can fully enjoy its operation.

No doubt Netflix is one of the most used platforms to watch movies and series with your family or with your best friends and more for its incredible original content.

To fully enjoy Netflix, there are a number of tricks that you can apply to get the most out of the streaming platform, so take note.

It should be mentioned that most users stick with the default settings and basic options for convenience, but that is about to change.

Secret Categories

The platform recommends users movies, series and genres similar to those seen, the bad thing about this system is that some subgenres are left out if we have not seen something belonging to it before.

The way to access these hidden categories is as follows, first you must log in and enter in the browser bar but the Xs will be replaced by a numeric code which are the following:

Classic cinema on Netflix

  • 9434 - Cult
  • 29809 - Dramas
  • 31273 - Romantic
  • 31574 - Classic Movies
  • 31694 - Comedies
  • 46553 - Series
  • 4734 - Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • 47147 - Fantasy and Science Fiction
  • 48744 -War
  • 53310 - Seedlings
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Superheroes and animation on Netflix

  • 6721 - Series anime
  • 7424 - Anime Movies
  • 67673 - Children
  • 10118 - Superheroes

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T3rror en Netflix

  • 75405 -Zombies
  • 10944 - Cult
  • 89585 - Comedy
  • 52147 - Slasher

Documentaries on Netflix

  • 2595 -Science and nature
  • 4006 - Military
  • 5349 - Historical
  • 6616 - Political Dramas

Other genres on Netflix

  • 1613 - Latin American Movies
  • 1701 - Music
  • 6548 - Comedies
  • 7077 - Independent Movies
  • 7462 - Foreign Movies
  • 8933 - Thrillers
  • 8985 - Martial Arts Movies
  • 10398 - Japanese Movies
  • 10659 - Education for children

More in The World

  • 26146 - Crime Series
  • 72436 - Food and Travel Television

Original titles

If you are a fan of the original content of the platform, the truth is that much of this content may also be hidden so if you want to know all of them and enjoy those series that you have not seen yet, or the films that you have not yet discovered, you just have to write in the search section (magnifying glass): "Netflix".

Edit subtitle lyrics

You can change the font and color so that they are to your liking, you just have to enter the application from your computer, click on "My account" and then on "My profile", where you can modify the font, the color and the size.

Spend less data on Netflix

There is an option to reduce the quality and save megabytes and considering that the platform, by default, always reproduces in the highest quality, this is a trick to keep in mind.

From More, Account, My profile and Playback settings, the quality options offered are displayed Netflix and the approximate cost they have per hour, you just have to modify it.

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Ask Netflix what you want to watch

If within the extensive catalog of the platform there is not everything you would like to see, there is an option to solve this: send a request.

If you want something specific, tell the company and here you can send your requests and suggestions, and if you agree with what they ask of you, your requests will be considered properly.


These streamline the user experience, however, nobody usually uses these facilities because few people know or pay attention to them.

  • Space / enter key - play and pause
  • Page Up - replay
  • Av Pág - pause
  • F - full screen
  • Esc - exit full screen
  • Shift + left arrow - rewind
  • Shift + right arrow - forward
  • Up Arrow - Volume Up
  • Down Arrow - Volume Down
  • M - mute button

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