Netflix will cancel accounts if you do this, how can you keep it

The well-known platform announced that it will cancel some user accounts around the world, here we present the reason that led them to make that decision.

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The leading streaming company, in addition to recently having released the extensive list of new productions that will arrive next June, reported that it could cancel the account of various users.

The company that came to revolutionize entertainment could suspend your account without asking you before. Question that has many users intrigued and dismayed, as they fear losing their memberships.

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This problem turns out to be very simple in reality, since there are many users who continue to make the payment month after month of their memberships, however, for some reason they do not use it. This is where Netflix participates, as it will issue a message, directly asking you a question about whether you still want to keep your account.

If the answer you give is a negative, at that precise moment, the platform will unsubscribe your service. This is because the director of innovation of the producer Eddy Wu, issued a message, which left everyone surprised and reflecting on the subject, so the other executives decided to agree to this request.

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Clarifying this point, "On Netflix, the last thing we want is for people to pay for something they are not using", something that undoubtedly left everyone in pain, to which Mr. Wu made the following question: Do you know that feeling when you realize that you signed up for something, but have not used it in years? That was when the other managers agreed to carry out this action.

The aforementioned, will be applied to those users who have approximately one year or more without accessing the platform.

However, Wu noted that few users are found in this situation, clarifying that these are less than half of one percent of the general membership base, that is, only a few thousand users.

So, if you are not part of the statistics, do not worry, keep enjoying your content, doing marathon sessions of series or movies without problems.


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