Netflix will invest more than 300 million dollars in Mexico

Without a doubt, the streaming great continues his path towards definitive victory in the entertainment business and for this 2021 he has very impressive things prepared for Mexico with a great investment.

The platform Netflix It has brilliantly contrived to become the streaming service that no one imagined they needed twenty years ago, but now everyone is consuming non-stop.

Founded in the United States in 1997, little by little it expanded globally and today it is the number one in audiovisual content production, achieving more than 200 million subscribers in the first days of 2021.

It is worth mentioning that each country is a new target for this company of great vision, and Mexico is not far behind on its list.

According to new exclusive information from Forbes, Netflix is ​​about to to invest more than 300 million in Mexican productions this year.

Netflix dedicated several years to the distribution and creation of series and movies from the United States, but it did not take long to understand that to reach more countries it needed to produce content in their respective languages, with local creatives and actors.

This is how today it works hard to create content born in territories around the world, stories that adjust to the consumption of each audience and are capable of gathering countless reproductions.

Mexico has not been indifferent to the company and we have had original series such as "La Casa de las Flores", "Club de Cuervos", "Diablero" or "El Dragón: El Regreso de un Guerrero".

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However, it seems that Netflix He does not intend to stop and will actually increase the pace, in fact Forbes recently announced that Netflix will be involved in the production of 50 titles, the same ones that intend to reach the platform in 2021, or perhaps 2022.

It is worth mentioning that now last year approximately 200 million dollars were invested in different projects, but now the figure increases to 300 million, in addition, the company intends to open permanent offices in Mexico City, which will function as a way of control and distribution for content in the rest of Latin America.

We are excited to open our Latin American headquarters in Mexico City this year. We expect that by the end of 2021, our regional office will have more than 100 employees. "

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For Mexico, this means that as of January 1, 2021, Netflix México, S. de RL de CV began to operate as a local distributor of access to the Netflix service for our Mexican subscribers. "

Netflix's original series in Mexico are not only a national success, as they have also attracted a lot of attention from a significant number of viewers in several countries.

The truth is that productions like "Control Z" or "Dark Desire" attracted the attention of millions of people, rising in the local top 10 and accumulating good reproductions in other places, so Netflix wants more of such success with their new projects .

That is why we continue to expand the offer beyond drama series to venture into comedies, adventure, documentaries, action and even reality shows. All these titles are from Mexico to Mexico and to the world. "

There is no doubt that the pandemic was an extremely surprising boost for the streaming business, while unfortunately other sectors of the entertainment industry are still struggling to carry out their projects, but for the moment Netflix and other services does quite well with business, and larger investments are coming.

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In fact, something very important is that a couple of years ago the company decided to place its most ambitious productions in the most prestigious film and television competitions, accumulating fame and giving a boost to the creatives who get involved in them.

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