New actors of Luis Miguel: The Series in second season

After a long wait, it seems that the fans are looking closer to the premiere of the next season that portrays the life of the so-called "Sol de México", Luis Miguel: La Serie, through Netflix.

Given the near arrival of the launch of Luis Miguel: The Series to the screens, we reveal some of the other figures that will be added to this new and next installment.

The enigmatic life of the singer Luis Miguel It will soon hit the screens through the streaming service to continue capturing the story of one of the most important singers in Mexico.

It is worth mentioning that the first season, which resulted in a total success of the platform, has kept the followers of "Luismi", whose mysterious life has been exhibited, capturing the most personal and difficult moments as well as the most glorious throughout his career.

Today finally that the second installment of this production can glimpse its next launch, we reveal more details about the new actors that will be added in this next season, previously Netflix had already leaked some of the names of the figures who will participate.

Possibly most of them are already well identified since they collaborated from the first season and have also participated in other productions of the streaming service.

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Diego Boneta (Luis Miguel), Camila Sodi (Erika), Juan Pablo Zurita (Alex Gallego), César Bordon (Hugo López), Martín Bello (Tito) and Pilar Santacruz (Sophie) will continue with their roles in the second installment of the series .

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On the other hand, the new actors that are integrated into the story are Macarena Achaga (Michelle Salas as an adult), Fernando Guallar (Mauricio Ambrosi), Valery Sais (Michelle as a child) and Pablo Cruz Guerrero (Patricio Robles). In recent days it was announced that the model of Argentine origin Macarena Achaga will be the one who gives life to Michelle Salas, the daughter of Luis Miguel.

So far, the entertainment company has not revealed more details about the possible date on which the second installment reaches the platform, but some reports have raised that it could be in the month of March, so the followers will surely keep attentive to the next advances that emerge in the following weeks.

It should be clarified that the new production has been kept very hermetic by not allowing much information to leak that gives clues about the second installment by the platform.

However, as many expect, some of the key scenes would be followed, something that the actor Juan Pablo Zurita, who plays Alex Gallego, will confirm in a past interview.

What can be seen in the second season?

Curiosity about a series that has been delayed by the presence of the pandemic leads to different versions and speculations that have arisen to determine what could appear in the next season.

After the last chapter that dismissed the first installment of this series, the fans were left with their hearts in a fist.

Luis Miguel pressured his father in his farewell bed to tell him what happened with the disappearance of his mother, Marcela Basteri, his manager bursts in at the last minute with a phrase that ignites hope, "They found your mother."

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Later, a scene shows the singer in what appears to be a psychiatric clinic where he meets a woman whose face cannot be seen, thus leaving viewers in a great sea of ​​doubts.

On the other hand, another aspect that has caused a strong controversy is the appearance of the woman with whom Luis Miguel gave birth to two other children, Aracely Arámbula, who is known today, could appear in history, if the negotiations between the production and its legal representative reach good terms. Otherwise, if your image were to be used even without your consent, the production would face some demands.

In other details, it emerged that the television star would not appear until the third season, according to a recent interview with his lawyer, Guillermo Pous, although no further details were revealed, however, Aracely has stipulated that only she would appear in the story completely refusing to have their children or their names also appear in fiction.

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According to the journalist Martha Figueroa, Luis Miguel for his part, does not interfere much in the filming since the music star "already authorized what he had to authorize" and reveals now that he could be concentrating on what would be his latest album, away from the spotlights. "In times of pandemic it is more guarded than usual," admits the communicator.


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