new details on the remake based on Stephen King

During a recent interview, Keith Thomas explained in what terms his remake of Firestarter will differ from the previously made film, that is the cult 80s The incendiary starring Drew Barrymore and based on the novel by Stephen King. His version apparently will be much more faithful to the starting point.

In a chat with, Thomas explained about the Firestarter remake: "It's something I've thought about for a long time, and certainly when the project hit my desk I was very grateful that the script was by Scott Teems, who also wrote the upcoming Halloween Kills, because it was really, really good and very rich. The starting material is no different, right? I mean it's the same book from which the movie they made was then made. But what we have learned from the book is different, and it is on this particular that we have focused. For me it was like delving into its more emotional aspects. Slipping into parenting and what it sounds like, then into how you raise a child, especially a child with abilities like these. It was in this direction that the script was pushing and I thought it was something a little different from the original movie".

Thomas added: "The book is also full of suggestions. There is a lot of material that didn't end up in the original film. There is also more that we have used for our film. At the same time for me it was like - in terms of the film I was interested in making - if there was one visceral quality in the story that I hadn't seen in the 80s movie, a crudeness that I believe is in the book and that I certainly felt and that interested me. And luckily the others also perceived it the same way. Not only will we have great special effects but we will also see all the stuff that Charlie is able to do, which is fun and cool, but when done right it is not as dark as The Vigil but you will feel the emotion of it.".

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The Vigil is Keith Thomas' new film to be released in theaters and on demand on February 26th. Michael Greyeyes has just joined the cast of Firestarter.


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