New lawsuit against him: Pablo Lyle accused by relatives


The fate of the Mazatlan, Pablo Lyle, could be finalized in just a few months, after confirming the exact dates on which the actor will face his new trial for the crime of involuntary h0m1cid1o, committed in March 2019.

It should be noted that Pablo Lyle after staying a few months, deprived of his freedomInside a prison, he was allowed to continue his sentence under house arrest in the city of Miami, in the United States.

However, this current situation could change completely, in a few weeks, as it is ensured that the family of the v1ctim @ of the actor, will reach the last consequences with a new lawsuit against Lyle.

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Everything happened in one of the last broadcasts of the program "El Gordo y la Flaca", because there it was announced that the relatives of Juan Ricardo Hernández, the 63-year-old man of Cuban origin who unfortunately lost his life, a few days after receive a strong blow from the actor.

A legal expert assured the Univisión program that both the prosecution and Lyle's defense still have time to reach an agreement to avoid the trial that could send the actor to prison for up to 15 years, so he will surely be away from the Artistic method.

However, even if the trial was favorable for Pablo, everything indicates that the problems will not end there, because the family is not willing to leave things as they are.

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As expected, each and every one of his relatives and friends of the deceased are really very affected after the death of his beloved Juan Ricardo, especially his wife, who has openly told the media that he will do everything possible to ensure that he is do justice, likewise, it turns out that the female has no job since the heartbreaking event and suffers from anxiety attacks, so they are ready to file a civil lawsuit against the actor.

"The thing will reach the last consequences, everything that can be done so that justice is done I will do it", this can only be part of the statements of the son of Juan Hernández, who also spoke about all the damages he has suffered his entire family from the altercation, emphasizing that Pablo Lyle had the intention of returning to Mexico leaving his criminality unpunished.

“I think he has to pay because, as I have always said, if the videos weren't there, he would have gone to his country and that crime would have gone unpunished. Of that we are clear. You don't have to go to university to know what was going to happen there. If there was no video and if they had not taken the plate (the plates) from the car, their first instinct was always to flee, "he said.

A situation that is real, since it turns out that the actor had requested his transfer to Mexico, a motion that was denied him on two occasions; which is why the artist has not been able to make any trips to his home country since his altercation last year.

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So, a few weeks ago, the actor's lawyer came out to mention that many people believe that the house arrest of the actor in Miami is a simple process, as a valid argument, he used the example of the situation we live in today: confinement social because of the global health contingency, pointing out that it is quite difficult not to be able to leave home and even more so when it comes to another country, from which you are not from.

Recall that the actor's trial has been delayed precisely because of the health alert that exists throughout the world, although, this legal situation that could be resolved next March 2021.

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