New page for Meghan and Harry; "Archewell" is online now!


The new site that will help you Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's continuing charity work is about to be launched, the new foundation that the couple created when they became completely independent from royalty: "Archwell."

The name of the site would have been inspired by their little son Archie, the first and to this day only son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, will represent the desires of former royals Meghan and Prince harry to be able to contribute to some causes as well as to inspire youth to be better people and help others.

The latter has been one of the tasks that Meghan has taken as a standard in her most recent appearances, as she was seen participating in some of the talks with young people, particularly after the events that occurred against George Floyd, where she became involved in the #BlackLivesMatter movement. the motto that in Spanish means (black lives matter).

Now, the new couple who have been happy to settle in California give a sample of what their new site will be, which has great significance for the causes they have carried out since their arrival in California and in which they plan to participate from now on. ahead.

It should be remembered that the popular "Royal Couple"Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would reveal a preview of what will be their new page on which they would be working to officially launch it very soon.

While the name that has been inspired by the first letters of the little Archie Harrison, It would have already been in the news several months ago, when the dukes would have renounced everything that related them to their past role as "senior members" of royalty, including their farewell to the foundation that they represented at that time called "Sussex Royal".

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Likewise, the title as "Dukes of Sussex" would also be withdrawn according to some of the extracts from the agreements with which the couple would have agreed to leave with royalty, however, although it has not transpired that this has been settled, it is a fact that the couple will always keep this bond as members of the British royal family.

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Meanwhile, it was expected since last May that the new site of "Archewell"It would star in its official launch but the health crisis would have delayed this event, despite this, the couple continued to carry out several of the tasks that are closest to their heart from a distance, efforts that would now be added to this new site.

One of the Instagram accounts where details about Meghan Markle are shared from a @meghansclosetchronicles that addresses a perspective seen from the style of the Duchess shared the new image that users can see when entering the site.

What do you see in the first image on the page?

Only one image gives the flag for the next launch of the dukes' site, the foundation's keywords star on the front page of the site, which has the name "Archewell" written as well as its meaning in the middle of a discreet gray background on the that offer an etymological meaning of the word

Arche (/ rki /; Ancient Greek): (n.) Greek word meaning 'source of action' ”, it is read from one side, while on the other, showing a dichotomy appears:“ Well (/ wel /): ( n.) a coarse source or supply; a place where we will dig deep.

Meanwhile, they also offer more users than curious who would seek to know even more details about the new actions that the couple will undertake.

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Also your followers and users of the network may find an option to subscribe to your newsletter and receive information about your activities and initiatives.

It is worth reminding those interested who have subscribed to your page, the site has only been shown for a few hours and even though the domain already belongs to the Sussexes it is not yet positioned, so when subscribing it is possible that it is not yet no confirmation email is received.

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"Archewell", the term with a great meaning that gives meaning to the objective of their foundation, Harry and Meghan who were even inspired to name one of the first primary fruits of their relationship, their firstborn.

It is a name that combines the ancient word of force and action, with another that evokes the deep resources that each one must take advantage of. The couple shared a few months ago, who were waiting to launch their new site at the right time, they noted.

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