New scandal of Daniel Bisogno in the midst of Ventaneando crisis


The famous presenter and host Daniel Bisogno faces a new challenge that would compromise his image and that of the same program in which he has collaborated for several years, Windowing


All this comes at one of the worst moments in which the evening broadcast suffers a severe crisis, which has placed it at the target of the rumors that indicate, it has its time on the air.

Now one of its most famous presenters is immersed in a new controversy after some photos that appear on social networks place him in a compromising situation.

Apparently, the driver was captured in images after attending a clandestine party last weekend where his presence did not go unnoticed.

There were four snapshots in which the driver of Ventaneando, Daniel Need It appeared in one of the massive events that has been banned in Mexico City and in almost the rest of the country due to the contingency and multiple cases of Covid-19.

However, the images circulated on the network and it was Chico Farándula's Instagram account who shared them, evidencing the presence of the presenter.

In the midst of everything, it is not the only thing that causes astonishment since, in addition, the place that the driver himself attended, called La Mansión, is a property that would be owned by a businessman who runs a g @ y club in the Mexican capital.

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But the controversy increased even more after the irreverent driver of the famous evening appeared enjoying the environment without taking into account security measures such as the use of face masks and surrounded by several boys younger than him, the images shown speak for themselves !

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It should be mentioned that it is still unknown at what time the controversial photographs were taken, so it is not certain whether they are recent or not.

On the other hand, this would not be the only time that a Covid party is related to Daniel Bisogno since a few months ago, at the highest point of infections, the presenter would have been absent from the broadcast and they reveal it was due to a strong hangover after a party the day before.

At that time, as it transpired, the driver would have received a strong reprimand from the owner of the program, Pati chapoy, so this time it could also receive another wake-up call or even isolate it for a few days so as not to risk production in case it has been during the last days.

So far nothing has been known about this issue nor has it been confirmed if this would affect the presence of Daniel Bisogno in the program, which is that the various rumors that revolve around the broadcast have been turning into a ball of snow that grows more and more.

One more scandal in the midst of the strong crisis that the broadcast is going through after, as revealed by journalist Jorge Carbajal, the Ventaneando program is reeling amid a supposed series of changes that could come before this year ends.

As reported through its YouTube channel, "Productora 69", the executives have come up with a list of several modifications to try to rescue the legendary broadcast, as a last attempt to keep it on the air as has happened for 24 years after being placed as one of the highest rated television shows.

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Currently the show program is going through one of its worst years with a precipitous drop in rating levels which makes it increasingly vulnerable in its popularity level.

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