New’Birds of Prey’ Posters Bring a Lot of Color to Harley Quinn’s Life, New Trailer Arrives Tomorrow

New’Birds of Prey’ Posters Attract Lots of Color New Trailer Arrives Tomorrow, to Harley Quinn’s Life

A brand new trailer for Birds of Prey (along with also the Fantabulous Emancipation of A Single Harley Quinn) will arrive tomorrow , but we have a batch of glowing fresh Birds of Prey posters which eventually bring a welcome quantity of colour into the darkened DC Extended Universe’s color scheme, also Margot Robbie seems like she is having a blast.

Fandango surfaced the newest Birds of Prey posters on the internet and announced the coming of a brand new trailer tomorrow . Are those posters amazing, but they seem like Harley Quinn ought to be hosting.

Each these promotional posters appear to be preventing the more official name of the film, unless Warner Bros.. Pictures has decided to call the film BOP HQ, that seems like a shop that sells furniture, brightly hair follicles along with karaoke machines.

But we adore. As soon as the Suicide Squad advertising campaign came together, Obviously, we believed the exact identical thing, and all of us know how that went.

Birds of Prey includes a great deal of expectation surrounding it, largely since Margot Robbie because Harley Quinn was undoubtedly the very best thing about the wreck which has been Suicide Squad.

Now she has a woman gang built to take care of some other bad men in the criminal underworld of Gotham City, we are excited exactly that which she can do if she is the boss of this pack and moving full tilt crazy with no Joker keeping her on a leash.

Here is the synopsis for the film year coming.

Harley and Black Canary, Huntress and Renee Montoya join forces to help shield when Cassandra Cain comes along with a gemstone belonging into both crime lord Dark Mask.

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