Nicolás Maduro's regime sued the Bank of England for withholding 31 tons of gold

Nicolas Maduro (REUTERS / Marco Bello / File Photo)
Nicolas Maduro (REUTERS / Marco Bello / File Photo)

The ambassador of the Nicolás Maduro regime to the UN, Samuel Moncada, reported that the country has sued the Bank of England in British court for “stealing” 31 tons of Venezuelan gold "In your receipt".

"Venezuela is suing the Bank of England in a British court for stealing 31 tons of Venezuelan gold in its receipt," Moncada said through his account on the social network Twitter.

"Looting is a crime of extermination by denying the people vital means to face the worst pandemic in a century"He added, referring to COVID-19. "It is the colonial war against Venezuela!"

Since 2018, the Latin American country has tried on several occasions withdraw the gold you have in the British institution for fear of international sanctions and possible economic embargoes.

Venezuela asked to withdraw gold in October 2018, when it had 14 tons of gold in the British bank. But in the management process to try to mobilize the bars, the Venezuelan issuer doubled its amount of gold deposited in that institution to 31 tons, equivalent to $ 1.2 billion.

This accumulation of bullion was due to the payment that the Nicolás Maduro regime would have made at the end of the year to Deutsche Bank to recover some 17 tons of gold that it had placed as guarantee for a loan three years ago.

British authorities have been reluctant to mobilize the bullion requested by Maduro despite the efforts of the president of the Central Bank of Venezuela, Calixto Ortega, to repatriate the gold, whose transportation is incredibly expensive.

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Nicolás Maduro holds a gold bar during a meeting with representatives of the mining sector in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela (Reuters)
Nicolás Maduro holds a gold bar during a meeting with representatives of the mining sector in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela (Reuters)

The regime traffics and sells gold in Switzerland to finance itself

Illegal gold mining and subsequent smuggling has become one of the only sources of financing of the Nicolás Maduro regime in Venezuela. Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Uganda are some of the known destinations.

And, last February, a report by the Swiss network Radio Television Suisse He assured that the European country also integrates that list. In addition, he indicated that different local banks - Compagnie Bancaire Helvétique and Credit Suisse - are suspected of laundering money from top officials of the dictatorship.

The report indicates that Switzerland also has indirect links to illegal gold. To substantiate his assertion, he made reference to two events: the first took place in May 2019, when British authorities intercepted a private plane that had left the Caribbean country and had called at the Cayman Islands. They claimed that the shipment, of 104 kilos of illegal gold and worth about 5 million Swiss marks (USD 5.1 million), had been purchased by a Swiss citizen.

The second, meanwhile, occurred in February 2019. At that time, an official regime plane landed in Zurich with illegal gold, according to complaints from the opposition. However, being protected by its diplomatic status, the aircraft was not registered, and continued on its way to Abu Dhabi.

The report stated in another passage that Switzerland is qualified to process the gold that would enter Venezuela, considering that it has 4 of the 6 largest refineries in the world, which handle between 60 and 70 percent of the planet's gold.

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That February report came just two weeks after the president in charge, Juan Guaidó, met with different heads of state and senior European officials as part of his international tour. There he reiterated his request for the European Union to catalog gold as "blood gold" To avoid "fund the state"

(With information from Europa Press)


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