Night By The Sea AKA Waterside Night Chapter 76 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Night By The Sea AKA Waterside Night Chapter 76 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Night by the Sea, Volume 76, will be available shortly. Fans of Manhwa are undoubtedly awaiting the publication of Chapter 76. Anticipatedly, Chapter 76 will be an exciting installment in this engrossing series.

The forthcoming chapter is poised to deliver an additional crescendo of suspense and unforeseen developments to the narrative. We will provide every single bit of knowledge you are seeking in this article.

From the release date to the recap and spoilers, we cover every aspect. For additional updates concerning manga and manhwa, please remain tuned.

Night by the Sea, alternatively titled Low Tide in Twilight, is a manhwa that skillfully blends Yaoi, a slice of life, as well as dramatic components.

With Low Tide quickly approaching, Twilight’s followers are eager to see what transpires next in the story as the tension builds even higher.

You are now completely informed regarding chapter 70 of Night By The Sea, as we have already covered everything pertinent to the most recent chapter.

The protagonist of Night by the Sea is a young man named Kim Eui-Hyun, who is on the brink of death. Following his assault, he flees the scene.

It was subsequently revealed that the individual he targeted was Youngdo Hyung-Nim. He was in a room by himself with Eui-Hyun. Those who were searching for him outside the room informed him that his identity was Omega. Sped away in a taxi, he entered.

Night By The Sea AKA Waterside Night Chapter 76 Release Date:

A Night at the Sea Fans of Manhwa, we have excellent news for you. Surely each of you is eagerly anticipating the next chapter. Everyone is curious as to what will transpire in Chapter 76.

The release date for Night by the Sea Volume 76 is January 27, 2024. Thus, wait a few days, and everyone will then be aware of the events that will transpire in Chapter 76.

Night By The Sea AKA Waterside Night Chapter 76 Trailer Release:

A trailer video for Chapter 76, Night by the Sea (also known as Waterside Night), is indeed accessible.

Night By The Sea AKA Waterside Night Chapter 76 Storyline:

He makes an effort to liberate himself, but his efforts are in vain. Yeo Tae-Ju has just saved him from death. He instructs his men to avoid the water. They are dragged back to the shore before entering his vehicle.

He remarks that they are considerably too vital to be served alongside the fish. Yeo Tae-Ju informs him that he cannot yet permit his demise. There is still an outstanding debt that he must settle. They thereby commence their journey. To the location where it all began.

The boy is currently sound asleep. The vehicle comes to a complete stop, and the child is removed. Eui-Hyun’s objections are disregarded. Yeo Tae-Ju advises him that the adults should have a conversation.

The boy is subsequently revealed to be Eui-Hyun’s sibling. The setting then transitions to an office. Yeo Tae-Ju is engrossed in a document containing details pertaining to Eui-Hyun. He informs him that he is 180 million dollars in debt.

Eui-Hyun objects, claiming that he never borrowed the funds. Yeo Tae-Ju informs him that, while that is technically accurate, it is now his debt as the guarantor. Yeo Tae-Ju acknowledges his knowledge of the circumstances.

He lacks employment, a residence, and a life. He is in possession of a proposition. He proposes that Eui-Hyun repay the debt with his own body. Naturally, Eui-Hyun finds this proposition offensive, but he is at a loss for what to do.

He requests that he settle the bill and depart. They assert that they have a relationship of this nature. Holding his hand, Tae-Ju attempts to convince him to remain. He informs him that the situation is not entirely that way.

The following statements he made were not indicative of an individual of his stature. He declares his affection for Eui-Hyun. He expressed his love for Kim Eui-Hyun to Yeo Tae-Ju. Which he regrets immediately.

As Eui-Hyun turns around, he begins to choke. He is overcome with tears. He inquires whether there exists a model for treating the people you hold dear. Eui-Hyun advises him that being drunk would be a more credible explanation.

He is being compelled to repay a debt that Tae-Ju has no right to do so. He forced him to sell his body while treating him contemptuously at all times. Eui-Hyun informs him that such actions toward a loved one are not acceptable.

Kim Euihyun has determined that she does not wish to continue living. He is devoid of all feelings and emotions. There is no positive information that he will receive.

Gazing into the night while holding his solitary savior in his grasp, he falls asleep. It is bound to come to an end in due course. However, a person standing by the water’s edge rouses him from the shadows.

Although Euihyun is deeply indebted, Taeju has rescued her. At this time, Taeju desires to supply Euihyun with employment, housing, and financial resources so that he may be able to escape his predicament.

Given that Taeju is averse to the odor of Euihyun, what would he request in exchange? Is it Taeju who would ultimately rouse Euihyun from his perpetual slumber?

In the final chapter, a young person approaches Taejoo and inquires whether he has lost his brother. The young boy is on the phone with his supervisor at that moment; the supervisor reports having located him.

The young boy then proceeded to inform the child that his sibling was somewhat concerned, and the child inquired as to what had transpired and the cause of his brother’s severely disfigured face. However, the child did not respond, so he stated that he was eager to meet his older brother.

Following a discussion, Taejoo observes that the child’s front tooth is fractured. Therefore, he inquired about his tooth, and the child responded by revealing his previously broken tooth.

The chapter concludes with the young boy transferring the child to Hyun. The young boy advised him to accompany this child to the hospital for the time being, after which he should return home. When asked by Hyun how he was doing, the young boy replied that he would be returning home shortly.

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Chapter from Night by the Sea In Korea, manhwa is among the most popular types of manhwas. This well-known manhwa is available for unofficial reading on

This manhwa is readily accessible at Everyone is permitted to read it online for free. With the exception of, this chapter is also available on a number of other websites.

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