Ninel Conde's wedding cancellation! mayor reveals motives

A few days ago the controversy wedding that Ninel Conde would celebrate with the Colombian businessman Larry Ramos It quickly became a trend in social networks and the media, because it would be held in the "Museo Casa de la Bola" however, the reasons why they decided to cancel this event had not been shared until recently.

Derived from the fact that we are currently submerged again in an outbreak caused by the coronavirus, the traffic lights have been orange and have not descended, it could be said that this was the main cause of the cancellation of the event by the authorities.

He claims that it was the mayor Víctor Hugo Romo himself who decided to take action on the matter according to the wedding of the Mexican actress Ninel condeHowever, the actress achieved her mission the same day.

unfortunately Ninel conde and Larry Ramos are two public figures who immediately become a trend when news of this magnitude is shared, especially due to the event that they were to carry out their own marriage, however the fact that they are two celebrities does not exempt them from being citizens responsible, for which the government acted based on the security measures that have been in place for some months since the pandemic began.

Probably some people trusted themselves by the fact that no news had been shared in relation to the Covid-19, as a few months ago where practically everyone was scared when hearing the simple word, that is why meetings and parties began with quite the number of guests such as a wedding, before this the government had limited the number of guests who could be present at any meeting.

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Claudia Sheinbaum is the Head of Government and the only one empowered to approve the meetings of the citizens, this once the traffic light has descended to yellow for the moment it continues in orange, meanwhile we all must respect the indications in order not to get infected .

The mayor of Miguel Hidalgo commented that it did not matter who it was, all citizens without exception, the health security measures that had been imposed for a long time should be respected, because the health of the citizens is much more important for the government itself. citizens and the general interest that the parties and reunions, it would not be a surprise to know that the only thing that was caused with this news has been a fine.

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How will you remember the same day that Ninel conde and Larry Ramos would get married, the Museo Casa de la Bola in Tacubaya was already prepared to receive the bride and groom and the guests, however, suddenly it began to go to the personal premises of different companies, followed by this they began to dismantle and remove all the arrangements that had been put on before, the event became even more trending because of what happened.

Although they were forbidden to marry in that place, the couple decided to marry in the same way, however it was not there that they had to adapt to the circumstances, there is no doubt that when you love someone the place is not so important.

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Apparently the wedding took place in "Hacienda Valle Escondido" located in Atizapán in the State of Mexico, surely the couple enjoyed their party as well as the guests.

As you well know, this is not the singer's first marriage, apparently this is her third marriage and we hope they are extremely happy and have a full life as a couple.

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