No Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp in Huawei phones

Huawei has it worse than before as Facebook is not letting the pre-installation of the applications into Huawei smartphones.

The company said that this was a clear example of ties being cut between the western technological companies with the Chinese company which is currently surrounded by trouble.

This happened after the issuance of a trade ban against this telecom company by President Donald Trump.

Huawei typically includes services such as Twitter out of the box but it won`t be able to do so with Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp. However, these apps can still be downloaded and the users will still be able to use them.

Play store will also continue to send updates regarding these 3 apps to users of Huawei phones who are actively using these apps.

Unlike Google which has authorized and attained a provisional license export to the Huawei smartphones with legitimate security updates, Facebook is not releasing the pre-installation of apps on the phones of the telecom company and in this way is dealing with the trade ban it has with Huawei as reported by the Reuters.

Well, Huawei has previously been denied the development of its own chip and has also been denied the use of the prime services of the Android system.

Compared to this, the situation created by Facebook and the trouble it is facing due to this trade ban and the problem with other apps like that of Instagram and Whatsapp, it is not so worrying for the company.

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