Pyongyang, IANS. North Korea showed its strength by holding a huge rally in the capital Pyongyang amid tension with the US over the nuclear program. During this time, millions of people gathered at Sung Square in support of North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un. North Korea's Prime Minister Kim Jeryong also attended the rally on Sunday.

Addressing the rally, Jeryeong said, 'The whole world considers our strength iron. We have to realize the dreams of our leader Kim Jong Un. Their decisions have to be implemented. Normally North Korea keeps the world feeling of its strength and solidarity by organizing such rallies under any odd situation.

Last week, North Korea's top leader Kim Jong Un said he would change his strategic strategy from the new year. Under this, other weapons of strategic importance, including long-range missiles, will be developed. North Korea, facing sanctions on the issue of nuclear disarmament, is pressurizing the United States to get an exemption. For this, he tries to show his strength to the world in many ways from time to time.

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