Nostradamus and Dark series coincide in creepy prophecy

Some of the creepy prophecies of the famous fortune teller Nostradamus warned to be fulfilled in the 2020, now adds a popular series, Dark, which emphasizes these predictions accompanied by a frightening number, something that few believe: The day the world ends.

The prophet Michel de Nostradamus wrote his centuries in the book Les Prophecies. Wikimedia

Despite the different prophecies that have accompanied us over several centuries, no one would have imagined that chaos would definitely take over the year 2020, in which, currently, we are immersed in uncertainty before different events out of control.

Year 2020 represented for many astrologers, prophets etc, a year in which the world would cease to be what it was before, various prophecies warned for centuries that we should prepare for certain eventualities that they would change the course of things.

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Without a doubt, one of the ones that created the most mystery and a few believers have been the prophecies of the French doctor and soothsayer "Michel Nostradame", better known as "Nostradamus", the famous and called" Prophet of Calamity ".

Among many other of his predictions, the pandemic of coronavirus, is one of the most recent tests, the same that has been stated in one of their "quatrains", prophetic verses in which, based on metaphors he warned of events many centuries ahead of his time.

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However, another of the predictions that can alarm many people belongs to the same doctor and I guess which published it in 1555 in the book of "The Prophecies"

The one who talks about the Apocalypse, a topic that also occupied interest a few weeks ago for the series of Netflix, Dark, which reveals that the next date of June 27, 2020, the world would supposedly cease to exist.

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So much Nostradamus how Dark, they are undoubtedly related, the pythonist warned that in 2020 there would be a natural disaster: Many fires, high temperatures in Europe and earthquakes in the New World when Mercury is retrograde in Cancer (in mid-June).

The difference, however, is that in the popular German series of Netflix , the end supposedly comes for a nuclear disaster which occurs on June 27, and not due to a natural cause.

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Likewise, also the prophecies of the prophet They have gained strength due to the extreme climatic changes that have occurred in different regions, such as rebuke on the part of mother nature.

You can also read Dark, the series that they assure prophesies Apocalypse in 2020 by a nuclear accident

Meanwhile, this keeps fans of the series Dark even more eager to see the next season of the series, which will just premiere on the supposed prophetic date in one of the scenes.

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