Not Dead Yet Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Not Dead Yet Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Not too long ago, Gina Rodriguez’s breakthrough role as Jane Villanueva in Jane the Virgin was the talk of Hollywood. Now, she’s back in prime time and will be the star of the comedy show Not Dead Yet.

The new sitcom is about a journalist named Nell Serrano (Gina Rodriguez) who is trying to get her career back on track. She finds that the job may be tougher than she thought, especially since her editor told her to write about obituaries, which aren’t very exciting.

Don’t worry if you missed Cece Parekh, the smart, beautiful, and charming character from New Girl. The British-Canadian actor Hannah Simone, who played the beloved Cece, will be back on the screen in the upcoming ABC comedy Not Dead Yet.

The show is based on the 2020 book Testimonies of a Forty-Something Up by author Alexandra Potter. Once again, Simone appears to be playing the lead’s best friend, but did we mention that Gina Rodriguez from Jane this same Virgin plays the lead? It feels such as the best sort of crossover episode from a different show.

Jane the Virgin on The CW showed how funny Gina Rodriguez is. Now, the actress is going back to comedy in the new ABC show Not Dead Yet! The new show won’t be starting this month, which is too bad. So, when do you think we’ll see it?

Rodriguez plays Nell Serrano on the show and is also the show’s executive producer. Sam is played by Hannah Simone, Lexi is played by Lauren Ash, Edward is played by Rick Glassman, Dennis is played by Joshua Banday, and Cricket is played by Angela Gibbs.

Casey Johnson and David Windsor are the show’s creators and executive producers, so they are in charge behind the scenes. Dean Holland, Mary Viola, and Corey Marsh are also EPs.

Not Dead Yet Release Date

The first episode of Not Dead Yet will air on ABC on Wednesday, February 8, 2023. The first episodes will air beginning at 8:30 p.m. ET on the day of the premiere, which will be a big deal. Then, every Wednesday at 9:30 p.m., the channel will air a new episode of the show. On Thursdays, you will also be able to stream the comedy on Hulu the following day.

Not Dead Yet Cast

As of right now, we know everything about the show’s cast and characters, which is the reason we can’t give you a full list of the show’s cast characters. But, according to IMDb, we could indeed expect to meet the following actors and actresses in the new show.

Lauren Ash plays Lexi
Gina Rodrigueza as Nell Serrano
Hannah Simone as Sam Phillip-Charlie Daniell
Rick Glassman as Edward and Ren Hanami as Neighbor
Cricket played by Angela Elayne Gibbs
Yogi Love as Imani
Josh Banday is Dennis Valory, and Cheerleader Pierce is
Worker: Ulysses Morazan
Ruth Hochberg is played by Livia Treviso.
Serenity Grace Russell When She Was a Child
Jordan Orta as a Young Boy
Gary Nguyen is a reporter for the Metro.

Not Dead Yet Trailer

Youtube just put out the official trailer for the movie Not Dead Yet. Look at it here:

Not Dead Yet Plot

At the moment, the exact plot of the show is still being kept secret. But for all we know, the show could be about how Nell Stevens, who calls herself a “disaster” and is broke and newly single, tries to get back to the life and professional life she left 10 years ago. When she gets only one job she can find, writing obituaries, she begins getting advice from such an unlikely source.

In “Not Dead Yet,” Nell Serrano (Rodriguez), who calls herself a “disaster” and is broke and newly single, tries to get her life and career back on track after leaving them five years ago.

Nell starts getting advice from an unexpected source when she gets only one job she can find: writing obituaries. The show is based on Alexandra Potter’s book Confessions of the 40-Something Up.

The show’s summary says that the main character, Nell Stevens, who is played by Rodriguez, is ready to start over at age forty-something. She just ended a long-term relationship and is heading back to Pasadena to look for a new job in journalism.

Nell gave up what seemed to be a successful writing profession to assist her ex-boyfriend to open his restaurant. Now, she’s unhappy and wants to go back to writing.

In Pasadena, Nell is encircled by old friends who have families and happy marriages. This makes Nell’s life seem even worse. She finally gets a writing job in obituaries for the local newspaper. This appears to be a step back, but it gives the character a strange new ability: she can now perceive ghosts.

During the series, we’ll see Nell figure out how to use her new talent and her growing career, share an apartment with a stranger and get back in touch with old friends. With dry humor about the workplace, friendships, or sisterhood, the show wants to show that people in their forties are not dead yet and can still start over.

The show is based on Alexandra Potter’s book “Confessions of something Up.” Gina Rodriguez plays Nell Serrano in “Not Dead Yet.” Hannah Simone plays Sam, Lauren Ash plays Lexi, Rick Glassman plays Edward, Joshua Banday plays Dennis, but rather Angela Gibbs plays Cricket.

In addition, Hannah Simone’s character Sam is described as the editor of a newspaper’s “Life & Style” section and a busy work mom. Sam used to be a wild child, but now she’s found her groove and appears to handle it all with easiness and a well-organized “mom purse.”

But Sam has trouble not taking on too much, and she misses the carefree days when she was single and she and Nell took on the world. She has big work goals, but she also misses the individual she was before she had kids and a big job. With Nell back, she might be able to find that balance.

Lauren Ash will portray a brand-new character named Lexi. She is the daughter of a rich newspaper owner and was just made editor. Lexi grew up in a world of schools and private planes, so she has no idea how most people live. This makes her funny. Lexi is very sure of herself because she was almost an Olympic horse jumper.

But the truth is that she’s in way over her head, and if the newspaper fails, she’ll never get her father’s approval, which she wants very much. Casey Johnson and David Windsor came up with the idea and run the show.

Gina Rodriguez, Dean Holland, and the Wonderland Sound and Vision team of McG, Mary Viola, and Corey Marsh are also on the executive team. 20th Television, which is part of Disney Television Studios, makes the show.

Windsor and Johnson said, “We’ve loved being part of ABC/Disney for a long time, and making this same pilot of Not Dead So far with everyone from 20th was one of best experiences of our careers.”

“The studio was very helpful from the start. We couldn’t be happier to keep working with Dana, Karey, Sharon, Carolyn, and their amazing teams, and we’re looking forward to making both comedic and dramatic shows with them.”

Also, Karey Burke, President of 20th Television, said, “David and Casey are extremely important to us as writers. They’ve done it all, from the heartfelt This Is Us to the great Real O’Neals and the crazy Don’t Trust the B.

Now they’ve done it with Not Dead Yet, a wildly creative series.” “We love working with them, and this deal makes sure they’ll keep making things for this studio for a long time to come.”

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