Not just one? Vicente Fernández would have touched more women

The attitude of one of the most famous singers and actors of all time, Vicente Fernández, has surprised the entire artistic environment, after the video that placed him at the center of strong scandals, now more women claim to have been touched! for him "Charro de Huentitan".

The established Mexican film actor and considered one of the greatest interpreters of the regional genre, Don Vicente Fernandez, was exposed in recent days after a strong controversy over a recording that led him to be the target of various accusations by the media.

Of this, many would have thought that with the passing of the days added to other news that arise in the middle of the show business, the material would be forgotten, however, apparently it will not be like that, this after more women have decided to raise the voice against the patriarch of the Fernández.

The subject gains relevance again since other women who would take the example of the first girl have shared that the interpreter of "Law of the hill"I would have also disrespected them

Apparently, other users would reveal videos in which the artist's father, Alejandro Fernandez He also touched them in an undaunted way, however, upon realizing it, they did not "know how to react," they point out.

The alleged victims detail that they have evidence of certain moments in which they approached to ask for an autograph or a photo of the so-called "Son of the People", and he took the opportunity to touch his fans, without apparently they noticing.

She is not the only one, she did it to my aunt too '... She was putting her hand around my waist and little by little she raised her hand to my chest, I did not realize it, say some videos that were uploaded on the platform.

It was the user, @Chicapicosa who exposed two other videos that she shared on her Instagram account

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In both, the "King of the palenques" can be seen touching other fans who have posed next to him and his hand appears in the same place, the user of the account, clarifies that they are not recent, but without a doubt they would add a more proof of the first video that was released.

And the 3rd comes out ... (all these images that are coming out are from a few years ago)

So far, the 80-year-old singer himself has not commented on these statements.

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The first of the Tik Tok videos

On January 21, a video from the platform turned "Don Chente" into a trend after his hand was caught in the wrong place in a recording with three women.

The clip was recorded in 2017 when the women in question, fans of the singer, took the opportunity to get closer and take a souvenir of their meeting with the idol of ranchera music, a lady on the shore and a girl at the other end, while the "Charro" is in the middle next to a young woman, however, when he embraced her, his hand was caught in the wrong place.

The video that has been around the internet just this week has been the reason for the patriarch of "Los Fernández" to be criticized by some media and even celebrities, who pointed it out as "lack of respect", although many of users on social networks came to his defense.

Did she get the negative comments?

It should be said that apparently, it is the young woman who has had the worst part, after exposing this material, they point out that she has been attacked on social networks and they have even called her "opportunist" according to users "she wanted her five minutes of fame" since "He kept it quiet for so long." Without a doubt, this type of behavior by anyone is regrettable.

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Given this, the young woman explained why she had decided to break the silence as well as the fact that her face did not reflect annoyance at the time.

The reason my expression looks so calm is not because I liked it, rather it was because I didn't realize that her hand was there until I saw the photos and videos with my mom. I felt violent and very angry with the man, that everyone is defending him, said the young woman in English.

Does Alejandro Fernández explode?

As for Vicente Fernández's son, Alejando, the eldest of the "Potrillos" recently reacted to these disputes and controversies that his famous father stars in. When the heir of the Fernándezes was questioned, he wanted to downplay the strong scandal that stains the image of the artist.

I have nothing to say, he is my father. For me, the media and social networks ... this one, I never start to review comments, because I'm not interested.

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In the same way, he suggested to the media that they look for his father to question him on this issue and if he thinks that his father would be unable to touch a fan?

She can do a thousand things, but I can't speak about what I didn't see. I am not the body of the crime or the spokesperson for the family. It was thus that somewhat elusive and annoying the singer would conclude the brief interview for "A New Day".


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