Notable Figures Who Were Solitaire Enthusiasts

Before you have become an avid Solitaire player, there were a lot of people who had your label. This game was well-known even in the past centuries, and if those players could see how the classic Solitaire evolved as Solitaire online apps today, they’d probably still be dazzled.

So, are you a keen player? Then, it will be interesting for you to know that even some extraordinary people were fond of this game as well. Why not learn some of the famous names in history who couldn’t help but be smitten by Solitaire, just as you are now? Read on to find out who they were!

Leo Tolstoy

It is worth noting that the marvelous author of “War and Peace” couldn’t escape the pulling power of Solitaire. An interesting fact is that one scene in this novel depicts his characters to be playing it. In those days, brain it was also commonly known as Patience or Klondike. Well, at present, Klondike is used interchangeably with Solitaire.

Anyhow, Tolstoy was fond of cards that he used not only for amusement. Creating strategies for solving tough card quizzes also helped him come up with decisions in other facets of life. Would he be still into the game if he discovered the free Solitaire apps in this day and age? Well, it is not unlikely.

Napoleon Bonaparte

It has been said countless times that the influential military leader and statesman, Napoleon, played Patience to fill in time. However, the authenticity of this claim is still to be proven. Just as people in modern times are accompanied by different variations of this game in their solitude, he also was comforted by Solitaire during his exile at St. Helena. Moreover, the versions called Napoleon’s Square and Napoleon at St. Helena were apparently named after the French commander. But, as to who masterminded these and if these assumptions are true, nobody really knows.

Niccolò Paganini

The renowned Italian musician, Niccolò Paganini was not only a gifted violinist, violist, composer, and guitarist, he also excelled in the game of cards. And in his case, it is known that he had a soft spot for Solitaire. An amazing point is that his most well-favored Solitaire game was said to be named after him.

Prince Klemens von Metternich

As was already stated above, Solitaire can really aid you in approaching hard decisions in real-life situations. For instance, prince Metternich, the noteworthy Austrian diplomat, was one example

who used Solitaire to guide him during his most challenging negotiations. Since he was the foreign minister of the Austrian Empire, his days were filled with considerably difficult discussions. Nevertheless, he prevailed in helping keep Europe at peace. Perhaps, hobby did a lot of help!


How awesome would it be if these popular figures experienced the hundreds of variants of Solitaire card games we have nowadays! Pretty sure they still had a blast even with the age-old original version of Solitaire. Some folks even still prefer the old-fashioned variations over the current ones. So, be part of this awesome community and play Solitaire with pleasure!

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