Geneva, PTI. Novel robot moves things without touching them Can you imagine that things can be removed from their original place without being touched. Now it is possible. Actually, scientists have made a robotic gripper that can hold small and delicate objects from one place to another without the help of sound waves. This prototype robot has been developed by researchers at ETH Zurich in Switzerland.

Ultrasound waves perform miracles

It consists of two semi-spherical objects and two headphones of the same type. These spherical objects are attached to a circuit board equipped with a microchip. A small spherical object rests on both these semi-spherical objects, which are controlled by ultrasound waves. Fellow Marsel Shook of Zurich ETH says, "This phenomenon is called sound levitation." He is developing a method that enables it to lift small objects completely without touching them.

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Danger of damage to fragile goods

Researchers say that it can be very effective in those situations when the loss of small things affects our pocket. For example, in the watchmaking industry or in the semiconductor industry. They say that traditional robotic grippers run the risk of damage to fragile objects. Grippers such as soft and rubber can be used to avoid this. However, there is also a limitation of moving things from these soft robotic grippers.

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This is how new technology works

The researchers said that the new technology is based on an effect that has been used for 80 years and was used in space exploration for the first time. The ultrasound wave creates a pressure field that humans cannot see or hear. Pressure points are formed on top of each other as sound waves and small objects can be implicated within these points. As a result, they float freely in the air in a sound trap.

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Help in space campaigns

Researchers using three-D printers fitted several small loudspeakers to both half-circles. The related software enables researchers to control loudspeakers in such a way that press points can be rotated around. The researchers pointed out that our goal is to change objects in real time without falling to the ground. Using this technique, scientists were able to move many small objects in space.

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Gripper adjusts according to size

The researchers point out that the software gripper is adjusted according to the size of the object and the robot's arm then moves it to the target location. He says that there is an economic benefit of catching things without touching them. When we work with traditional robots, different grippers are needed for almost all new shapes. At the same time, the gripper based on sound waves will eliminate the need for expensive grippers.

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