Operation True Love Chapter 90 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Operation True Love Chapter 90 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Chapter 90 of Operation True Love is almost out, and fans are going crazy over it on sites like Raw Scans and Reddit. Authors’ cryptic hints and leaked statements feed the rumors. What, however, will this long-awaited chapter bring?

Chapter 90 is going to change the way you feel. Get ready to laugh, weep, swoon, and maybe scream because Operation True Love is going to take us on an extraordinary adventure!

After much research, the three main protagonists of this continuing story Suae, Baek Dohwa, & Eunhyeok finally find a charming bed and breakfast to stay at. That is why the forthcoming Operation True Love Volume 89 has fans of the series so pumped to find out what happens next.

As they spend the night at this new place to stay, readers can’t wait to see how the dynamics between the three friends and possible romantic interests change.

Chapter 88 of Operation True Love is almost here, and the fans can hardly wait. Prior to this chapter, Suae, Baek Dohwa, & Eunhyeok spent a considerable amount of time looking for a decent B&B.

Eunhyeok and Baek Dohwa became rivals when they were playing volleyball. Before confronting Baek Dohwa regarding his obsession with Suae, Eunhyeok asked him whether he loved her.

Operation True Love Chapter 90 Release Date:

On December 15, 2023, fans of the acclaimed Operation True Love comic book series may look forward to the publication of the following ninety chapters. The heartwarming story of love and friendship told throughout the series has won over viewers.

Operation True Love Chapter 90 Trailer Release:

Chapter 90 of Operation True Love does, in fact, have a trailer.

Operation True Love Chapter 90 Storyline:

The majority of the student population has chosen the dormitories as the site for the meal. With Woosung’s rucksack in his possession, Soobong was understandably on edge.

The realization that her handbag included a crucial item caused Suae’s concern to intensify. There was a total and total disaster when Suae went back to get her possessions.

Because of her illness, she failed to get it back. When Baek Dohwa & Eunhyeok discovered Suae, she confessed that she had forgotten her luggage.

Suae suggested everyone who was on the call get a bite to eat since they were all ravenous. It was her intention to take the following bus, as she had thirty minutes to spare.

It was not able to take the next bus, unfortunately. This was the final one bus, although Suae didn’t know it yet. They tried to call a taxi in an attempt to get out of their jam.

Unfortunately, the taxi company told them that due to the severe rain, they were unable to dispatch a cab. Suae, Eunhyeok, & Baek Dohwa tried to flag down a passing car since there weren’t many others. Since local businesses had already shut down early owing to low sales expectations, they sought assistance abroad.

The passage of time was accelerated since there was no discernible progress. Even though they didn’t realize it yet, darkness had come. Suae & Baek Dohwa need to have a conversation, says Eunhyeok.

After their fight, Baek Dohwa told Eunhyeok that it was just lucky that he had the chance first. He wanted to see whether his bad luck would hold, so Baek Dohwa did just that. To Eunhyeok, Baek Dohwa broke the news that he was seizing the chance.

The teammates of Eunhyeok & Baek Dohwa were becoming more irritated by their performance. The weather prediction had gone unnoticed.

The outcome surprised everyone. Because missing the bus would have meant waiting an extra half an hour, everyone decided to dash.

Others told the kids to grab what they could and escape, but others insisted on getting their bags first. They were displeased since they had made plans to dine nearby.

The student body decided that the dormitories should serve as the gathering place for dinner. After stealing Woosung’s bag, Soobong became very vigilant.

Concern grew in Suae’s heart as she realized her bag contained an important item. As soon as Suae arrived, she saw that it had been a complete and utter catastrophe.

Her inability to retrieve it was due to the disorder in which she found herself. Suae admitted to Baek Dohwa & Eunhyeok that she had accidentally left her bag behind when they found her.

All of the people on the call were so hungry that Suae advised they go get some meal right now. With thirty minutes to spare, she planned to board the next bus.

Unfortunately, boarding the subsequent bus was not possible. At the moment, Suae was unaware that this was the last bus. In an effort to free themselves from the predicament, they attempted to summon a cab.

However, they were informed by the taxi operator that the cab could not be sent owing to the heavy rain. When Suae, Eunhyeok, & Baek Dohwa tried to get a ride, there weren’t many automobiles around. They looked for help abroad as local firms had already closed early due to weak sales expectations.

Due to the lack of meaningful advancement, time flew by. As they were unaware, nightfall had arrived. A chat between Suae & Baek Dohwa was proposed by Eunhyeok.

The youngsters were so absorbed in their game that they didn’t see the dark clouds forming above. They were all taken aback by the sudden deluge that followed.

Everyone decided on the fly to grab whatever they could in a desperate dash through the rain instead of retrieving their complete baggage since the next bus wouldn’t come for over an hour in case they missed their return journey.

After hearing that they should just grab whatever they could carry and leave, several students recommended, in vain, that they return their bags.

Since they had intended to have supper in town before they left, this unanticipated setback caused tempers to boil among the party. Their exciting adventure seemed to be winding down with no fanfare as they were soaked to the skin by the unexpected downpour.
As a result of her joy for them, Jellypop shares a picture of the couple snuggling and announces their secret love to the world. A ruckus ensues as everyone is taken aback by this.

When Su-ae and Eunhyeok realize they can’t hide their emotions any longer, they face the music and confess their love. They get a mixed bag of reactions from their peers: some are shocked, others are hostile, and yet others are encouraging.

In his wrath about his breakup with Su-ae and Eunhyeok’s treachery, Minu Kang confronts the two and accuses them of infidelity. They stand up to him and tell him how happy they are.

Despite his feelings for Eunhyeok, Ra-im is envious of Su-ae & plots to break their relationship. In order to expose Su-ae’s clandestine objective with Jellypop, she teams up with the furious Baek Dohwa. They want to drive a wedge between them by making Eunhyeok doubt Su-ae’s sincerity.

Where To Watch Operation True Love Chapter 90?

Operation True Love, a popular Manhwa series, is easily accessible and read on Webtoon. You may find a wide selection of web comics & manga on Webtoon, a digital comics portal.

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