our exclusive interview with the voice actor of Iron Man and Woody

In recent days, Everyeye had the pleasure and honor of interviewing Angelo Maggi, the iconic voice of Iron Man and the new voice of Woody after the premature death of Fabrizio Frizzi, as well as the voice actor of Tom Hanks in many of his films. greater success.

In the course of this friendly chat we had the possibility of knowing much more about him and his secrets of his trade. Maggi revealed that he had to temporarily stop some of his work as an actor but that he continued, despite the pandemic, to work in the world of dubbing.

He later revealed of not having auditioned for the role of Iron Man and that about 10 years ago, no one could have imagined the extraordinary success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: “No one, not even Disney, nor of course the dubbing insiders, could even remotely imagine what would happen in a decade. Surprisingly, when the Iron Man adventure began in 2008, no audition was made for the movie. I can’t tell you if the role was underestimated or if I was overrated […] I must say that I have perceived and discovered the real extent of this operation only now that the cycle is over, after Endgame “.

On the death of Iron Man instead he said: “From that” I am Iron Man “in 2008 to the same phrase, repeated in his last scene, the beauty of thirteen years passes and everything has changed. I obviously developed a bond with him and with the character, when at the premiere of the film I I saw 500 people crying in the room and I also felt a lot of emotion “.

In the same interview, by the way, Maggi anticipated an incredible surprise for Scrubs fans.

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