Paper House 5: They fear the departure of the teacher, the confirmed cast of the new season

As we well know the end of the 4 installment of the Spanish series, La Casa de Papel, which seems to be the most acclaimed by the audience, left quite a few loose ends, which are anxious for more than one user, which is why they have been unleashed multiple theories about the new and apparently last season.

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We also know that this series was a resounding success, such that after the premiere of season 4, Netflix renewed the contract it maintains with this production, for not one, but two more seasons.

However, fanatical users of this series, expect them to be even more than just two new installments. This information was confirmed by the script coordinator of the famous series, Javier Gómez.

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Well, recently, there has been a rumor that Álvaro Morte, actor who plays the beloved "Professor", did not continue with his role in this successful production, it is believed that this was unleashed due to a publication of the Spanish actor on his Instagram account , which is a black screen with the English text that means "the show must be paused".

Clearly, this publication, made on June 2, was to indicate the support with the well-known "BlackOutTuesday" that quickly invaded all the social networks of musicians, actors and characters close to those media.

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From what can be deduced that speculations about his disappearance in the series, can be concluded as false, since Morte plans to continue with his iconic character until this is possible. And is that how can you continue the story without The Professor ?, This would be practically impossible.

"The other day I read on a page that‘ confirms the rumor that Álvaro Morte is not going to be in the 4th season of 'La casa de papel'. I don't know who said this. The Professor is a very interesting character, I think you can still talk about him. I don't like burning the characters for 12 seasons, but I do think he still has something to say, "Álvaro said in a statement.

For its part, the cast of this following season has been confirmed, where no great changes are really seen, although important deaths, since without a doubt the fact that “Nairobi” lost his life to the betrayals of “Gandía” is a gap that can hardly fill a new character.

So until now there has been no talk about new characters for this next production, so logically it is assumed that the cast remains the same as we have been seeing previously.

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