Pati Chapoy returns but Pedrito Sola de Ventaneando leaves


This September 14, the absence of Pedrito Sola in the program was strongly felt "Windowing " of which he has been a part for several years now, with the return of Pati chapoy the fact of not having the beloved conductor could be said that the program felt even empty.

The beloved driver also known as Tío Pedrito is one of the most beloved drivers not only from Aztec TV but from all over Mexico, it has been thanks to his wild comments that he managed to win the hearts and affection of Mexicans thanks to his participation alongside the host Pati Chapoy and Daniel bisogno.

Over the years we have seen how Pedrito Sola He has made certain mistakes during the programming of Ventaneando, which surely caused him great problems at the executive level, however thanks to them he became a popular character, thanks to the memes inspired by his funny mistakes.

Unfortunately the driver will stop appearing in the program where they talk about the stars and everything that has to do with the show, could they have run it?

Fortunately, he will only be absent for two weeks, as Tío Pedrito decided to take a well-deserved vacation, knowing this his followers on social networks, which was where he shared a photograph where he was already enjoying the delicious beaches of Acapulco where his admirers began to tell him They really enjoy their free time, as well as mentioning how much they would miss him on the show.

Acapulco is the best in the world, "he wrote in one of his photographs

There were 3 publications that he made showing off the place where he was, the first was a photograph, the second a video where he showed part of the hotel where he was and the third that his fans surely liked the most, was a selfie where he was very smiling.

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Pedrito come to La Paz BCS, you will love it too "," The best is Mazatlán "," Well said ... It is one of the most beautiful ports in the world !!! ", some comments he received.

Pedro Sola is currently known for his memes, created from some mistakes during the Ventaneando program, how to forget when he mistook a mayonnaise brand, or when, after promoting a drink without alcohol on camera, he saw a "disgusted" grimace.

Not only have his recklessness gone viral, let's remember the occasion when a fly accidentally ended up in his drink and ended up screaming and complaining, or his unforgettable dances; There is no doubt that Sola is quite a character, but above all one very loved by her followers on social networks and on the program as well.

It was Pati Chapoy who had taken a few days off, according to journalist Alex Kaffie, the host and manager of the program had planned to spend her vacation in Germany, however due to the current pandemic caused by the coronavirus, she had to change her plans. shared in a column he has in a newspaper, he also added that he decided to stay in Acapulco, the same place where Pedro Sola is at the moment.

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A few days ago, the host was in trend for days thanks to a video that was shared in which she stated that she would leave the Ventaneando program to change from TV Azteca and return to Televisa, where she began her career.

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However, it turned out that the video was old and all speculation was eliminated, this because due to the number of years the host has been working directing Ventaneando, she could not leave the program and the television station without first having a juicy profit from it due to her years of job.

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