Paty Navidad reveals the three biggest lies in history


The controversial actress Paty Christmas It continues to be on everyone's lips in one way or another and once again it has caused a stir on social networks by revealing something somewhat mortifying, because I confess the three biggest lies that have been told throughout history .

And it is that according to Paty, there is no outbreak of the current virus and also ensures that climate change is caused for purposes of construction.

It was through her social networks that the famous Mexican actress expressed that the worst virus is fear, ignorance and also human stupidity.

And there are three lies that Paty Christmas consider the largest in current history: the arrival of man on the moon, the attack on the Twin Towers and, most recently, the coronavirus pandemic.

Pandemic is psychic, the result of dehumanization, unconsciousness, irresponsibility, pride, selfishness, envy, hatred, lack of values ​​and love, causing darkness, destruction and death ".

This publication was made on his official Twitter account yesterday, Tuesday, October 20, when, according to official figures, deaths from the virus in Mexico total more than 86 thousand deaths and within the framework of the increase in cases and the possibility of calling regrowth.

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There is no regrowth and there is no pandemic, influenza viruses have always existed and act at any time of the year, especially in winter, "I point out at Christmas.

And it is that this has been almost affirming Fifth Since the month of March when the health contingency began in Mexico, however, millions of people are against it.

The supposed 'Re-outbreak', they have been announcing it for a long time and not because they are fortune-tellers, it is simply PLANdemic and control ".

It is no longer strange to see these types of publications on their social networks, since the actress remembered by the soap opera "The most beautiful ugly" is constantly controversy for his statements on politics and the environment.

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And even the supporter of the current president of the United States has also pointed out that global warming does not exist.

We are currently living in an icy era, for that and more reasons they changed the name to climate change, climate changes are part of nature, but they can cause global warming with different geological weapons such as HAARP, "he wrote in another of his publications.

In fact a few days ago the videos and comments of the actress Paty Christmas They were considered "fake news" by Instagram and decided to censor it.

And because of her conspiratorial messages, Instagram has hidden the video in which Paty Navidad speaks negatively about Covid-19 vaccines, because in said recording the Sinaloan actress points out that immunization has nanotechnology with the aim of controlling those who are apply it.

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In fact, personalities like Chumel Torres have criticized Paty Navidad's comments and even some people have pointed out that the beautiful actress may require psychiatric support for her radical ideas that she has presented throughout this year.

However, the famous woman is not alone and there are also those who support her with everything she affirms in her social networks every day, in addition to considering that she is an extremely intelligent and brave woman for not keeping silent about what she thinks.

In previous weeks, Fifth He noted that everyone has been misled and distracted by the news about the virus, but unfortunately it is quite difficult to open our eyes to what is really happening around us today.

It is easier to deceive people than to convince them that they have been deceived, "he quoted Mark Twain on that occasion.

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