Paul Allen’s Space Company Closing Shortly

Stratolaunch Systems Corporation, which was found by Paul Allen, is deliberately considering to lock down its operations.

Reuters alleges that the business is about to close down its operations while considering of placing its intellectual property and assets up for sale.

Paul Allen established the company in 2011 as a with a motto to contribute his ideas to the space industry. However, the company has depreciated in operations and values since the death of the founder.

In early January, the company announced its desire to cut back on its operations. This indicated the end of the Stratolaunch’s earlier plan of creating a new rocket engine and a space plane.

In a statement released by the company, it wanted to concentrate on building the world’s largest aircraft. The company also said it aspired to proceed to manage on the demo launch of its Northrop Grumman Pegasus XL rocket.

The decision to reduce its operation had a negative impact on the staff. 50 employees were laid off according to reports while a mere 20 employees were retained to continue working on the existing project.

The barrier, however, Stratolaunch still triumphantly operated its extensive aircraft in April. With a wingspan of 385 feet, the huge aircraft was designed to assist with rockets launching.  It will take the rocket to 35,000 feet before it drops it on its way to space.

When talked regarding the reported deal, a spokesperson for the company said in an interview that “Stratolaunch remains operational.” He added saying, the company “will present an update when there is a message to share.”

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