Paul Stanley almost threw up on Hoy program

In one of the most recent recordings of the morning show Today, host Paul Stanley nearly return stomach.

This awkward moment will surely be a bit hard to forget for a time, as he was surrounded by his companions when this happened.

On a daily basis, the conductors are in charge of entertaining viewers, they carry out different activities during the programming.

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One of these activities consists of playing games in which the drivers themselves participate, on this occasion they were present Galilea Montijo, Andrea Escalona and Lamda García.

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Happy birthday dad, all the legacy you left is a teaching for me. Today I woke up and after months just thinking about this horrible situation, I forgot days, dates and especially the people I love. Because we go to the rhythm of the news, take care of ourselves, paranoia, we go out of time. Sorry, I felt a I love you Dad, I wish you were here with us, although also, I swear the same would happen to you.❤️

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They were in the Diego Di Marco section, and they remembered that Paco Stanley's son had not met the challenges of the dynamic Tarot Fit, so Di Marco decided to punish the young comedian.

In order to avoid the punishment Stanley commented that he had not gone to the forum for the precautionary measures taken to avoid contagionHe also added that they had completely forgotten him, however he could not escape the punishment.

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The sanction that he imposed Diego Di Marco It was eating a source of protein, but this was not just any, they were grasshoppers, which despite being partly considered a typical dish for many people continues to be somewhat unpleasant for the simple fact of being an insect.

However, after the insistence of Say Marco he had to do it, only one was enough, when he put it in his mouth he began to feel disgust, asking for water from the production because he could not bear the disgust of feeling it, he almost vomited.

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This happened twice because Galilee He told her that she had to eat it, she put one in her mouth and had the same reaction again, although luckily she did not return her stomach. Paul managed to contain himself.

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