Paulina Rubio tests positive for banned substances

Mexican singer Paulina Rubio, known as La Chica Dorada, could lose custody of your child after having given positive drug-proof, in the midst of his legal battle with Colate.

It was at the beginning of May that Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera, former partner of Paulina Rubio, sued the singer to be able to get the full custody of their common child, that is why they had an emergency virtual hearing with a Miami judge.

At that hearing, Colate pointed out and assured that his son had revealed to him that he had received mistreatment on behalf of his mother, in addition to ensuring that he has had episodes of mental imbalanceThat is why it was believed that he used substances.

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The latter due to a video on his official Instagram account where in a Live he did you could tell disoriented.

In said hearing, the judge commented that if he had seen the video they were commenting on and Rubio was indeed seen out of his boxes and inhaling some substance.

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Despite this it was determined that she would keep the full custody of the boy and only received a warning not to do bad things in front of him.

That is why to Colate was denied custody since it lacked evidence and according to what they indicated they were altered and could only see the child on the agreed dates.

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And now, almost a month after what happened, it came to light that the singer had undergone an anti-doping test and tested positive for cannab! s.

As a result of the judge's concern when he saw the video, he had the test carried out to discard who had used illegal substances.

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After that, Paulina's lawyer had to accept that the examination came out positive since Paulina had consumed something during a trip that he made in California in February, but that there was no trace of any other substance in his body.

This could certainly change the destiny of the little one and the singer, and now the next audience the day will take place July 22.

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Is there where they will meet once more both to discuss who will keep custody or what they will do about it.

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