Pedro Sola remembers how he got to Ventaneando


The famous conductor of "Windowing"Pedro Sola, I remember in an interview for the YouTube program" Scandala "how he entered the TV Azteca program and also how he met his partner Pati Chapoy.

Pedro Sola He is considered one of the most beloved drivers in all of Mexico and he took us to the trunk of memories talking a little about his past.

The host was a guest on the YouTube program Scandala, where he gave some important details about his life, however, what most attracted attention was his arrival on the popular program that is about to end.

This because very little was known about his arrival to the TV Azteca company and especially to the program.

I started doing television because a friend who was the producer (Carmen Armendris) liked what I was talking about. And one day, while he was talking, he told me that we were going to do a critique show on TV and I said okay, let's do it. "

That was how I continued narrating how it was that she met to the renowned host Pati Chapoy whom I point out as being a person who imposes a lot.

One day he invited me to do a pilot which was when I met Pati Chapoy. I was speechless, because meeting Pati Chapoy is nothing, it imposes a lot on you. And that's how I entered the studio with Pati, Juan Jos Origel and Martha Figueroa ".

It is worth mentioning that the famous 73-year-old driver studied Economics, a career that he began to develop from 1968 as an employee of the Ministry of Social Security until 1996, when he joined the Ventaneando program.

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Over the years, Pedrito Sola has managed to establish a solid friendship with the producer and director Pati Chapoy, who, in her own words, has become the most important woman in her entire life.

Pati is my sister, my everything, the most important female character in my life after the death of my mother is Pati Chapoy. Sometimes I get the feeling of jealousy When I see someone talking and I'm not included in the conversation, shit! ", I point out.

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It is worth mentioning that his time at Tv Azteca also includes his participation in the television magazine "Tempranito" where he was known as "the gentleman of good criticism" and the program "Atando Cabos".

As you may recall, it was during the past month that the news broke that Pedro Sola, would leave the program and in fact the journalist Alex Kaffie revealed the reasons.

There is no doubt that the so-called "Tío Pedrito" is one of the members most acclaimed by the public in the broadcast of the show program.

However, the reasons why the driver will be absent from the well-known TV show is because he will take a short vacation.

This is how the host of the broadcast of "Ventaneando" Pati Chapoy, how the other hosts of the program will be the ones who appear in front of the program, without Pedrito Sola.

And according to what Kaffie indicates, it will be only a couple of weeks that the driver of the broadcast is not part of the "Ventaneando" team.

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So there is nothing to worry about, since we will only stop seeing him for a few weeks, but the supposed idea that the Pedro Sola No longer appearing in the broadcast would make the fans of the program very sad, since the host has managed to add millions of followers both in the audience and in social networks because it undoubtedly enjoys great popularity.

And it is that after the driver and Pati Chapoy took the opportunity to take a few days off the broadcast, now the 73-year-old driver will take his opportunity to rest, something that he has well deserved.

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