Pedro Sola reveals if he is married to his boyfriend 30 years younger


The famous conductor of Aztec TV of the program "Ventaneando", Pedro Sola confessed in a video if he is married or not with his partner, with whom he has been in a relationship for 19 years and is also 30 years younger than him.

Pedro Sola is one of the most beloved drivers in Mexico, and on this occasion he decided to be honest with his followers and confessed if he is married to his partner.

The member of TV Azteca began by talking about the marriage between two people from the same s3x0 in the country and spoke about couples who marry to obtain benefits such as life insurance or even credits.

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I think at first everyone got married because they could, but also because of imitation. The fact that it was something forbidden then they did. Taking the step towards marriage, to legalize a union, is very important for the human being to know what he really wants. "

In addition, I also talk about religion in marriage and how before if a couple had a child and did not marry, everything was different even in the documents and it was also severely criticized. However, now it is very common to live in a free union and have a child.

After, Pedro He touched on the issue that h0m0s3xuality is still practically illegal in some countries of the world and spoke about a couple he knows who married to obtain loan benefits but is still married and are happy.

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Then after so many explanations Pedrito He told something that no one expected but that of course they wanted to know.

Do you think I got married? Can, can, can, can ", and out of nowhere the video ended, leaving everyone in doubt.

As expected, his followers went crazy in the comments, asking him not to leave the doubt and to confess if he actually married his partner.

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Following his statements, most of those who saw the video assumed that Pedrito He is not married, since he has commented that he has lived in common law with his partner for many years, whom he met in 2001 when he was 54 years old and his boyfriend 24.

Some time ago, the driver explained that he met his boyfriend online and is really in love with him and despite the great age difference that is not something that is important to them.

I am very much in love, I have a partner that I met through the internet, by email, he wrote to me and it was very interesting, because it was perfectly well written in spelling, syntax and punctuation, everything was perfect and he questioned me a series of interesting things ".

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I replied, although I did not know who it was. We followed the (electronic) communication for two more times, so I asked him: 'Who are you, why don't you tell me?' ”He commented.

In addition to the 30 years of difference, so do their professions, since Pedrito's partner is totally alien to the show and public life, so not much is known about his life.

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Pedro Sola He is originally from Veracruz, Veracruz and before joining TV Azteca he studied for a degree in Economics at the Faculty of Economics of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

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His life took a totally different turn when he joined the ranks of TV Azteca in 1996 as a commentator for "Ventaneando" where he became a television critic and then one of the most representative figures of the broadcast.

It is worth mentioning that his time at Tv Azteca also includes his participation in the television magazine "Tempranito" where he was known as "the gentleman of good criticism" and the program "Atando Cabos".

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