Pepe Aguilar loses more than a thousand hectares in a tragic fire on his property

The singer Pepe Aguilar is in a really tragic moment in your life because you just lost a property really valuable to him thanks to a fire which was always the pride of Don Antonio Aguilar, his father.

Pepe Aguilar released the news on his official Instagram account a few hours ago and is devastated having lost one of the things his father left him.

The publication was accompanied with a video in which part of the damage is observed caused by the fire and quite a moving message.

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Years of struggle, dreams, dedication, hard work, can disappear in a few hours as if magically, "wrote the singer.

According to what Pepe disclosed, there is no wounded Fortunately, only the damaged property was found.

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GaD so far there is no harm or damage to any house. Only more than 1,000 lost hectares of artificial grassland that were always the pride of Don Antonio Aguilar, "he continued.

This apparently was a job of more than 40 years that they managed to disappear in just one night and just because.

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With just a few hours of sharing the news, the singer has received thousands of messages from his followers and friends where they send him their full support and encouragement messages.

A good rain and first God everything will be born new and it will turn green again and your father Don Antonio Aguilar will send it to you, you'll see "," I am very sorry for this. God is with you "," Courage is going to green again with more force and you will see ", were some of the comments.

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Similarly, many of his followers pointed out that should start an investigation To see what had caused it because it was such a big fire it was because someone had to cause it.

Now we just have to wait and see if in the next few hours they will be announced more details about what happened, because it is a totally tragic loss.


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