Perredista organizes a birthday party in full contingency for COVID-19

Gamaliel Gutiérrez Cruz party (Photo: Gamaliel Gutiérrez Cruz)
Gamaliel Gutiérrez Cruz party (Photo: Gamaliel Gutiérrez Cruz)

The prohibition of public or private meetings with more than 10 people was implemented in the sanitary prevention measures of the federal Ministry of Health (SSa) as of the phase 3 of coronavirus infections in Mexico.

In several states of the republic, surveillance by the Municipal police, who intervened in parties or meetings. Special telephone lines were even opened to report festivities that violated the rules and endangered the population.

Despite everything, Gamaliel Gutiérrez Cruz, president of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) in Turicato, Michoacán, celebrated his birthday with a party in the company of friends and family, according to information from Reform.

Gutiérrez Cruz was responsible for publishing the photographs of his 50th birthday on social media. At first there was talk of more than 300 guests, which "the teacher Gama" denied in a publication, where He revealed having obtained a special permit from the municipal authorities.

"First I thank God for having spent a unique birthday ... I had a great time .. Second: To be able to have a party you need a permit ... IF THERE IS NO PERMISSION BY THE MUNICIPAL OR LOCAL AUTHORITY THEN THERE IS NO FESTIVAL", he published in his Facebook account THIRD: It was a Family Gathering with few guests… THERE WERE NOT 350… NO EXAGGERATION ”.

In addition, he offered apologies to people who were not invited, as the ban on mass events reduced the list of people to a minimum. The sanitation measures, on the other hand, were completely ignored, because the continuous use of mouth masks or Sana Distancia is not perceived. In this regard, the politician tried to justify himself by saying that everything remained the same in the region.

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"It was not a public event, also who feels free to throw the first, here in the municipality everything continues normally, or in their case, those who criticize me, do fully comply with prevention measures, "he questioned.

Among the guests, the presence of the state president of the PRD and former state Secretary of Public Security, Juan Bernardo Corona Martínez, and the Party Finance Secretary Helder Valencia Soto.

His striking arrival in a helicopter was also justified by Gutiérrez Cruz, who assured that it is a private resource, because the aircraft does not belong to the state. In addition, he said that it was essential to reduce time on the saturated agenda of politicians.

Despite not being a “great gathering”, as he himself said, at the party there was a banquet made up of peaches, plums, mangoes, pitaya, soursop, salcochados, iguana broth, chicken, shrimp, leg tacos and chicken. It was even revealed in the national circulation that there was live music by the group Los Reales.

Michoacán reported a total of 1,354 cases of patients diagnosed with COVID-19 disease. In the information cut on May 22, it was also announced that 121 deaths have been counted, as well as an estimated 504 people recovered. The state is, for now, number fourteen in the death count.

Numbers nationwide continue to rise. The Ministry of Health reported that there are a total of 62,527 people infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but only 13,347 were considered active; that is, they presented the symptoms in the last 14 days.

The general director of Epidemiology, José Luis Alomía Zegarra, also revealed that there are 113,742 negative cases and 33,801 are suspected of a total of 210,070 tests carried out up to this day 61 of the National Day of Healthy Distance.

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