Pilar Pellicer died at 82: actress who started in the industry during the last stage of the

Pilar Pellicer received a tribute at GIFF 2018. (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Pilar Pellicer received a tribute at GIFF 2018. (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

On Saturday morning it was reported that the Mexican actress, Pilar Pellicer, died at the 82 years old. The news was released by the National Association of Interpreters (ANDI) through its Twitter account, as well as the account of Televisa Espectáculos, which also mourned his passing.

Through social networks, multiple people, including the actress Laura Zapata and the entertainment journalist, Luis Magaña, reported that the reason for his death had been complications from COVID-19; however this version has not been confirmed by relatives or people close to the interpreter.

The Ministry of Culture He also dedicated some words to him on his social networks, as well as the Division of Culture of the UNAM and the Film library of the same educational institution, whose members wished “that their loved ones find peace at this stage"

Pillar Pellicer was born in 1938 in Mexico City and began his career in front of the cameras at end of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema. His first leading role was in the movie Pedro Paramo, directed by Carlos Velo, while one of his most recognized roles was in The Shock, by Emilio “El Indio” Fernández, for which she was creditor of the ariel award in 1975.

In 1975 Pellicer received an Ariel Award for his participation in
In 1975, Pellicer received an Ariel Award for his participation in "La Choca". (Photo: Twitter)

During an interview with the journalist Cristina Pacheco, she talked about the difficulties represented by playing that character, because he had to carry out actions that he had never practiced in his life. However, following that role established a very strong friendship with Emilio Fernández.

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Although he started his career as contemporary dance dancer, became one of the figures of mexican cinema. She debuted as a film actress in the film. The doll seller, from 1955, and since then it was tied to the seventh art

. It was even directed by the Spanish filmmaker, Luis Buñuel, on tapes like Nazarin, who received a award at Cannes, and The Ambitious.

Before you get the Ariel, his talent was recognized in 1967, when he received the Herald in the category of Best Film Actress for the film Devil's visitations.

He studied acting with the teacher Seki Sano, who is known as one of the builders of the modern theater in Mexico both on stage and in classrooms. He also went through the school of National institute of fine arts and for him French Institute for Latin America in Paris, where he was for six years.

(Photo: Secretary of Culture)
(Photo: Secretary of Culture)

Their creative abilities were not limited to acting, since he also ventured into the field of filmmaking with the short film What time is it?, which was written and interpreted by her. Furthermore, this work was the winner at the Biarritz Latin American Film Festival.

In 2018, the Guanajuato Film Festival honored her because of her broad track record in show business and even a year earlier he received the medal My Life at the Theater, which is delivered to the most relevant personalities of this industry in the country.

In addition to his participation in the cinema, he had relevant appearances on the small screen, as he was part of the cast of soap operas such as First Love a Thousand Per Hour, Triumph of Love, The cat, or The stepmother, where he shared credits with Victoria Ruffo.

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