Pirates of the Caribbean, how does The Curse of the First Moon end with Johnny Depp?

While two films dedicated to Pirates of the Caribbean, one written by Christina Hodson starring Margot Robbie and a reboot instead curated by Craig Mazin (Chernobyl), in these lines we return to the dawn of the saga reliving the ending of Pirates of the Caribbean: The curse of the first moon.

Gore Verbinski's film back in 2003 he had the task of bringing back to vogue on the big screen the genre of cinema dedicated to the world of piracy, practically disappeared from every cinematic break after Roman Polanski's Pirates of 1986, which turned out to be a major failure at the world boxoffice.

Verbinski he succeeded in combining a fast and rhythmic direction to the very strong script conceived by Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio, who created starting from the Disney attraction of the same name not only an effective, funny and full of action and atmosphere story, but also one of the most eccentric and beloved characters in contemporary genre cinema, Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow.

After many adventures to recover his beloved Black Pearl and stop the curse of the Treasure of Hernan Cortes, eventually Sparrow is brought back to Port Royal to be hanged, but is saved by now friend Will Turner. Eventually he escapes by jumping off the cliff, in a spectacular pike dive, and swim to the Black Pearl and its crew.

Having shown character and a certain and unexpected morality, James Norrington decides to give him a little edge in his escape, also giving his green light to Will's union with Elisabeth. Meanwhile Sparrow climbs onto the ship and strokes the rudder as if she were his long-desired mistress. He orders his crew to start the ship and aim for the next adventure.

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Closing what will then be the central pivot of the entire narrative of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga, his Magical Black Compass, Sparrow hums: "Filibustieri ... yoh-oh, let's drink on it".


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