Plagiarism The Sun rises to the program TODAY Total nerve!

Like the morning show of Televisa, the morning of Imagen TV now has its own puppet copying its format in this way to raise its audience, something that viewers have considered a very low level.

Everything seems to indicate that the programs have unfortunately been forced to copy the format because of the little success in terms of rating in their broadcasts.

The panorama of programs Morning sessions in Mexico get more complicated every day, since new technologies, the disinterest of viewers and the little innovative content, has led them to have a deep drop in the audience.

And it is for this reason that the main programs like Today, Venga la Alegría and Sale el Sol have been forced to copy the format, one of the common aspects that can be seen at first glance is that the three broadcasts from different television houses have chosen to integrate a muppet.

This character has the function of interacting with the conductors and in fact in some cases they have sought to make him one of the main presenters of the program.

The main idea arose in the program "Venga la Alegría" with the muppet of Chester the rat, which, managed to stand out and become a success within the program for his witty interventions and because together with his manager, the Magician Takandri they perform tricks of Magic.

However, according to the journalist Angélica Palacios, that same character, although with some modifications, was taken to the famous program of "Sun rises", which reflects the little interest of broadcasters to provide new content.

In Sale el Sol they also already have muppet, the sun goes out because they copied Chester, because they copied the games, they hired the one from Multimedios, I have nothing against anyone, but the television that they are presenting in Mexico, listen, respect us, send us quality content, ”he said.

Even for the host the best morning show according to its content was Sale el Sol, but unfortunately her decision has changed since they began to copy the format of her competition.

My rooster was Sale el Sol, they were the ones who had the best content, the ones who were most focused on informing, entertaining, the issue with Sale el Sol is its drivers, its drivers do not empathize with the public, "he said.

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But it should be noted that both programs are not the only ones that have decided to bring a muppet to their forums, since also the Televisa broadcast, "Hoy", chose to feature a dog named Chenchi.

It is for this reason that they have received strong criticism not only for copying the idea of ​​their competition from TV Azteca, but because the appearance and their interventions in the program have not been to the liking of the public, since they have even mentioned that they have lost quality within of the program.

On the other hand, it is speculated that one of the morning's leading stars, Galilea Montijo, could have left the famous program after thirteen years of being part of it.

This idea has begun to circulate in social networks by the viewers followers of the Hoy Program, after the absence that Galilea Montijo had on the program.

Well, as you may remember, the beautiful actress from Guadalajara has more than 30 years of career in Televisa; but 13 of them as part of the Today Program, which he joined in 2007.

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Galilea Montijo joined the talents of Andrea Legarreta and Raúl El Negro Araiza, who have been part of the famous morning for even more time.

It is worth mentioning that the concern of her departure increased when a Galilea Montijo follower pointed out that she could not enter the driver's social networks, which really worried her thinking that something bad could have happened to her.

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