Plague Diary 62: The straight as the path of evil

In the morning. I write in the shade with the melancholic Jeri lying next to me.

A few days ago, the vice president of the government of Spain said that the high level of contagion in Madrid is explained because the city is "in a straight line with New York and Beijing."

The straight as the path of evil in 2020.

Correct, fast etymology. This: correct means by the line.

Straightness, etc. The straight man.

But now the right geometry and its good relations with the good heart have collapsed.

The straight line is, in May, the fastest path of evil, which always comes from there, never from here.

Here is the place of good; there, the one of evil.

Geography and ethics very clear so that there is no doubt in the conscious head of a living being. Here, fine; there, wrong.

Mexico becomes one of the ten countries with the highest number of deaths from covid-19, and British doctors "move to motor homes so as not to infect their families."

Jared Leggett and Amy Kitchen, physicians at The Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital (Lancashire). They lived with their parents. They now live in a car halfway between the hospital and their home.

Rows in Switzerland, bags to order food.

Boris Achour, French artist: studies order, disorder, regularity and chaos.

The food is distributed in space with a mathematical regularity.

And the pigeons form a line, in order.

Millions of unemployed in the United States.

Hunger puts organisms in order. A straight line, yes, but untimely and alive.

Tidy up for a certain time, not long.

A new. Forty people who participated in a religious celebration in early May in Frankfurt, Germany became infected.

Europe exceeds two million infections.

A map, I think now, that unfolds on the table.

A point where we are and, with our feet, our beautiful goodness.

And far away, deep down, the evil that is approaching, evil, evil and evil against us.

Everything clear in 2020 as in all the previous history of the world and of the individual person.

All evil comes from the neighbor and the wind.

The lemon tree with its color, getting closer to summer.

Color much faster than the calendar.

Rome, with a force of human arm in the tail, which moves with a constant joy incomprehensible to any human being.

And lousy news from friends in Brazil.

A demented and dead president in the corridors of hospitals.

Sudden news. The writer Maria Velho da Costa died.

Itinerant grinding machine sharpening words instead of blades for cutting bread.

Blades for sharpening phrases and syntax.

"The house darkens the day", the day darkens the house.

Dearest long-distance friend, how generous you were with me and with my texts, my respectful inclination and my sadness.

Lower daylight twice; two nights in one; Tomorrow we are going to demand at least two mornings a day, dammit.

Canetti talks about a man who was looking for a deaf God to be able to pray whatever he wanted.

I call that deaf God to say a few things to him in the language I know.

But he doesn't hear me and that's why he doesn't come.

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