Plague Diary 63: Two days are enough to lose your memory


"The New York Times dedicated its front page to 1,000 coronavirus fatalities at a time when the United States is about to reach 100,000 deaths."

Two days without dizziness and I forget that the head exists inwards.

Two days without dying and people forget that they are going to die. Etc.

Two days is enough to lose memory.

Artist Orlan wanted her name written in capital letters.

So, it would seem like a scream.

The importance of saying the woman's name out loud.

To write it out very loudly.

A small plane took a priest to some inland lands.

And there from above he blessed the entire territory, because the plane flew over every square meter.

In an almost individual plane you do not pollute.

I go around the lemon tree; the little lap.

Bless on foot, on horseback, by bicycle, by car; or by plane.

A significant difference.

Historians recall that the infantry advanced at four kilometers per hour.

It is good to see and advance from above without conflict or vertigo.

Today, the twelve apostles on twelve planes would spread the religion to the four corners of the world in less than five days.

The world does not have four corners; its perimeter has infinite points.

If each point is a corner, many corners have a sphere.

The Muslim festival Eid al-Fitr that marks the end of Ramadan.

It is celebrated from this Sunday. It was announced with several limitations.

You can't, you can't and you can't. Distance, etc.

How many can and how many cannot. Essential accounting.

Every party is always a party around words you can.

Possibilities around yes; and, if possible, never submissive around no.


Between 1990 and 1995, Orlan underwent nine surgeries to change his face.

She says that her art is a fight against nature, DNA and God.

A singer sings a Kitsch song with lyrics in which -ão rhymes with -ão on several occasions.

An announcer stutters around a word I did not understand.

Then I leave, walk through the pacata and evaporated town — and return calmly to the initial square.

A game in which the board, if it exists, is not on a horizontal table, but on a table that tilts a little more each day.

You don't go back to the starting box every day with the same energy and the same spirit.

The idea that a name can only be shouted out.

Perhaps so with our dead in the days following their death.

You can only say a name crying out.

Names that require the volume of the voice to increase.

Other proper names require a whisper. Memory, respect or anger.

Do the experiment with the names of family, friends, artists, etc.

Wilson Roosevelt Jerman, butler of the White House. He dies of covid-19 at age 91.

He accompanied 11 presidents, from Roosvelt to Obama.

ORLAN did this: it took measurements, but it did not use a tape measure or universal units.

He measured things according to his own size.

He lay on the ground and marked his feet with one line and his head with another.

In this way he measured the Guggenheim and the Pompidou.

Instead of length and width in meters and centimeters: the body itself as a unit of measurement.

75.8 Orlans long and 22.6 Orlans wide.

You can do the same and put your name there.

Each individual body as the unit of measurement of the world.

An old project, updated by recent artists.

Sunday, sunny day: zero dizziness and yes, a certain joy.

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