Plague Journal 56: How long does evil stay on a surface?

It lasts eight minutes in the air.

It remains a few days in the metal, others in the clothes, the floor, the wood. And in food.

Deadlines difficult to memorize. They are too many and different.

Two actions of resistance. It is necessary to either wait or clean.

How long does evil stay on a surface?

Think of the evil that is removed by cleaning.

Despite everything, it is a more or less tame evil.

An evil that waits does not attack.

Yesterday, in Germany, demonstrations in favor of total lack of confidence.

Munich, Berlin and Stuttgart.

In Stuttgart, five thousand people. In Munich, a thousand people at a healthy distance.

Resistance 2020, a group that questions German statistics for the covid-19 epidemic.

Another group, Compact, is assumed to be "a sharp sword against imperial propaganda."

"All people are equal, Madame." Lydia Davis.

Not all people are the same, Madame.

Marie Curie died in 1934 from the effects of radiation.

Marie Curie's items are still contaminated.

Furniture, clothes, books, notebooks, small objects of practical use.

A radioactive book, a dangerous book.

She discovered polonium — Poland, of course — and radium.

The substance that is in your objects is radius 226.

It can stay active and malicious for 1,600 years.

Cortázar: "I am one of those who go out at night with no fixed purpose."

I imagine one of the human beings in each house leaving without a fixed purpose.

And leaving the others at the window.

Many houses cut in half; one who wants to leave, the other to stay.

Trump says he is evaluating "resuming contribution to the WHO."

"When to wear face masks? When to remove the rings? The General Directorate of Health presents a manual with measurements for everyone."

Marie Curie is buried in a 2.5 cm lined coffin. of lead.

Along with her husband. The two at a minimum distance, plus 2.5 cm. of lead.

Rilke: "Only you make me alone".

Find the only person who has our loneliness.

Project for the missing times.

Marie Curie was born in Warsaw.

Last week in Warsaw a violinist was reprimanded for playing on the street.

The musicians play one, two notes and run away.

"There is a lot of depression on the streets of Italy. The pandemic was a form of psychological violence."

How long does evil remain in a body?

The clocks assume uniform and false minutes.

A stopwatch to count the time that evil lasts in a body, in an object or in a place. A black stopwatch.

In Brazil, panic and fuss.

"Still, I decided to keep living a little longer," says one Lydia Davis character, "at least for the night."

In Brazil, the night lasts. The morning appears and the night does not pass.

In Detroit, they say a decade of recovery was destroyed in two months.

In Las Vegas, the economy is KO.

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