Platanito: Karla Luna's blows are karma for Karla Panini


The famous comedian Sergio Verduzco, better known as "Banana"points out that everything that is happening to Karla Panini is karma for actions against Karla Luna and ensures he witnessed them.

The popular comedian reveals how Karla Luna arrived hit and took refuge with Karla Paniniwho was lying to him saying that he would talk to Americo and finally he claimed why he had hardly even touched her.

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Sergio Verduzco He decided to break the silence, like some other people who have been doing it in recent days, unmasking the true and rugged relationship between Karla Luna, Karla Panini and Americo Garza.

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Now "Banana"he points out, everything that is happening, the controversy and the attacks against the couple are part of Karma because of the actions they carried out against Karla Luna, when the exlavandera lived.

Karma is karma and sooner or later all this that is happening to him had to come to him, "said Sergio Verduzco." Platanito.

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Sergio, who was a person close to the three, revealed through audio the abuse that Moon She lived, who points out, she arrived beaten to take refuge with her supposed "friend" and collaborator who lied to her saying that she would speak to Americo and the opposite happened, he says.

She arrived beaten to take refuge with her friend, Karla Panini, and she would say 'no, I'm going to speak to Américo, don't worry', and then we claimed them by message of 'hey I saw her and according to you you had hit her a lot and you didn't do anything to him, "he said.

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It was through cameras that the popular clown opened up and pointed out that on several occasions he told Moon that why he did not show those audios to the media, to which he tells, Luna always refused and told him that "he had already forgiven them."

Nothing, nothing, friend, I already forgave her, since she is doing very well, ”said Platanito.

So now his own famous reiterates that all the "hate" (hate) that they live is only the result of their actions.

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Likewise, it does not justify that Karla Panini He has abused comedy to make infidel jokes by Garza, reiterated that although many times any topic can be teased, "Panini abused it."

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