Prince Al-Waleed, 15 years of hope keep him artificial

He The prince Al Walid bin Jalid bin Talal al Saud, Al-Waleed, had a major crash in his car in the year 2005 and from then on he fell into a deep sleep from which he could not wake up.

Since 15 years, with hopes and dreams of his family to see him alive again, Al-waleed remains artificial life.

At first, the diagnoses were anything but encouraging, the doctors They thought it would not last more than a couple of days, however, the wait has been longer than the studies could have shown.

If Al Walid bin Khalid bin Talal al Saud has been called The "Sleeping Prince" after being in a coma for 15 years

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However, his state has remained the same for a whole decade, his family refuses to disconnect him, since it is the multiple devices that provide him with artificial life, but the The prince it looks like a lifeless body.

The young man had only 18 years at the time of the fatal mishap, making it almost impossible for his family to let go and they have held hope for more than a decade.

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In a moment, Al-waleed encourages the faith of his relatives, after they have not seen him move a muscle in so many years, finally a perhaps involuntary movement could be a good start.

Al-waleed He shook his head from side to side, did not open his eyes or give any other signalBut this was enough so that now more than ever the idea that will awaken at some point remains.

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The family celebrated the small gesture on social networks, a record that many could downplay importance for the family of The prince fuels dreams of continuing to see him react.

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Many have found him Explanation to an involuntary movement provided with various machines around him and medicines that could boost his nerves, for the family to be a reaction indicates that his nerves react in some way.

For his parents, it has not been easy, when facing a similar mishap with another of his children, without fortunately reaching the condition of his brother, in addition to the news that circulated in which they announced that Al- Waleed they had left this world, which they themselves had to deny.

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He "Sleeping prince"As it has been called, it is worthy to belong to a family with a great fortune, but even with so much medical attention, the condition of Al-waleed, continues to be an enigma for everyone.

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