Prince Harry could lose all, royal warns

Everything seems to indicate that Prince Harry is about to lose some of the benefits that royalty still enjoyed, these are his royal titles, according to a warning that recently threw the crown to the youngest of Charles's children: "No you can have all the toys, "they point out

It should be remembered that the prince harry, grandson of Queen Isabel II and Duke Felipe de Edimburgo, and in turn, son of Prince Charles, at the beginning of 2020, resigned his duties within the royal family with his wife Meghan Markle.

With this, Harry lost many of his privileges and also duties that he enjoyed, however, his love for Meghan and supporting her in her dream had a great weight in his decision.

Last January they both announced their resignation, so some titles such as "Royal Highness"However, they still retain that of the Dukes of Sussex, an appointment given by Queen Elizabeth at the time of becoming husband and wife.

Apparently based on recent information, a royal expert warned Harry not to intend to keep his royal titles, as "you can't have all the toys."

It was the royal expert Marlene Koenig, who during her interview with the British newspaper, Express, explained:

Actions have consequences. Mind you, I'm in favor of Harry and Meghan, but I think there are some things you have to put up with. You made a decision, you can't have all the toys.

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What will Harry and Meghan lose?

The expert pointed out that it has been very important to the duo to support them in this transition, however, there is an issue related to Harry's titles.

Having said that, the palace needs to support them in what they do. The palace needs to let them do it. Now when we go to titles, the only person who has a title here is Harry, he stressed

Markle, before and after her wedding.

Meghan has those titles only by marriage, when she entered St. George she was Mrs. Meghan Markle, but when she left she was Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex with the rank of Princess of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

As the expert hinted, the Dukes of Sussex they should resign of their own free will.

It would take an act of Parliament with royal consent to remove the nobility. In the Plantagenets, especially in the Tudors and those things that used to take away the titles by the attackers and then they cut off your head, that is not going to happen anymore. "

On the other hand, the queen would not think of pressuring them to renounce their titles, he pointed out, they are the ones who have the power to present themselves with their respective signatures as only as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Sussex, (without the "Duke") in future events +

Other privileges the Sussexes lost by ceasing to be "Senior Members" of royalty.

Since their departure and resignation from their roles as "Senior Members" of royalty Harry and Meghan, they had to abandon the appointment of "Royal Highness", which the Duchess also adopted when leaving the Chapel of St. George of Windsor Castle on the day from her wedding to Prince Harry on May 19, 2018.

They also renounced receiving public financing, this comes from the money contributed by taxpayers and that the sovereign, Queen Elizabeth distributes among members of the royalty.

He should deviate from royal commitments, this included military acts and stop representing the monarchy.

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And perhaps one of those that would cost Harry more work was losing his appointment as "Captain General of the Royal Marines", an inheritance from his grandfather, Felipe, according to some reports on the site.

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